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Submarine Telecoms Forum magazine subscribes to the editorial guidelines set by the American Society of Magazine Editors.  Among the principles set out by the society is the commitment to keep the editorial content of a magazine independent from advertising.

Submarine Telecoms Forum magazine tenaciously holds to the belief that our first commitment is to our reader.  We make every effort to have a relationship of trust with our reader, and that can only be safeguarded by clear policies that separate the influence of advertising dollars from the editorial content of our magazine.

That’s why the editor has final say over the editorial content of the magazine.  Our editors are committed to finding the best and most compelling stories that will interest our readers and uphold the mission of the magazine; overtly “advertorial” articles will not be published.  Whether someone chooses to advertise with us or not, they will receive fair and impartial coverage in our magazine. We believe this works to everyone’s benefit, including that of the advertiser. When readers know they can trust a writer or editor to tell them the straight scoop, the magazine becomes a vehicle of influence in the community.  We want that influence to be good.  If we happen to cover a business or organization in a story, it’s because we believe they’re doing something that may interest readers, not just because they buy an advert.

We seek innovative essays, features, news, reviews, and other material that explores the many facets of subsea telecommunications.  When an author submits material for publication, this means:

  1. The author(s) assures the material is original, his/her own work and is not under any legal restriction for publication online (e.g., previous copyright ownership).
  2. The author allows Submarine Telecoms Forum to edit the work for clarity, presentation, including making appropriate hypermedia links within the work.
  3. The author gives Submarine Telecoms Forum permission to publish the work and make it accessible in the Magazine’s archives indefinitely after publication.

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We prefer articles written in the Associated Press style. Here is an online style guide: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/735/02/