(Vietnam) International Cable Lines To Be Fixed Next Week

By Vietnamn Investment Review October 20, 2017 The international undersea cable, AAG, broke down on October 12, slowing down the internet speed nationwide. Earlier, on October 10, another undersea cable line, SMW3, also faced the same problem, severely disrupting the internet connection from Vi?t Nam to other countries. The SMW3 cable line had developed problems [...]

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(Bangladesh) Submarine Cable Repair Shifted To Oct 22

By Greenwatch Dhaka October 17, 2017 Maintenance work of country’s first international submarine cable has been shifted to October 22, but the overhauling would not pose any internet disruption, said officials. “Now the maintenance work would begin on October 22 and run for the next three days,” Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company Limited (BSCCL) Managing Director [...]

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AAG Submarine Cable Encounters Trouble Again

By Vetnam+ October 12, 2017 Hanoi (VNA) - The Asia-America Gateway (AAG) submarine cable encountered a technical trouble at 7:00 on October 12, losing signal connection with the Hong Kong (China) station, affecting Vietnam’s international internet links. This is the fourth time the cable network was disrupted in 2017. The previous incidents occurred in January, February and [...]

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Maintenance Work To Disrupt Bangladesh Internet Mid-Oct

By The Daily Star October 10, 2017 Internet users are likely to face disruption in services in mid-October due to maintenance work of a primary submarine cable across the Bay of Bengal. Maintenance work will begin on October 16 and continue for three days when the cable will remain shut, said Monwar Hossain, managing director [...]

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Vietnam’s International Capacity Fully Restored

By Nhan Dan, VietnamNet October 4, 2017 Vietnam’s international internet connections have been restored to full capacity after repairs on the Asia-America Gateway (AAG) and TGN Intra-Asia (IA) cable systems were completed on September 30. Both of the submarine cable systems were severed on August 27, affecting internet traffic between Vietnam and Hong Kong, thereby [...]

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Fresh Fault Found On SEA-ME-WE3

By Ry Crozier, itnews September 28, 2017 A submarine cable repair crew has identified a fresh instance of damage to the insulation of the SEA-ME-WE3 subsea telecommunications cable which connects Perth to Asia. Multiple cables around Hong Kong were damaged back in late August by strong typhoons in the area, which has caused degraded performance and [...]

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Australia-to-Asia Traffic Slows As Typhoons Cut Submarine Cables

By Richard Chirgwin, The Register September 5, 2017 Typhoons have broken four submarine cables in the crowded Asian sea-lanes, with a knock-on impact for Australian ISPs iiNet and Internode. The four damaged cables are ASE (Asia Submarine-Cable Express), TGA-Intra Asia (TGA-IA), Asia-American Gateway (AAG) and SEA-ME-WE3 (SMW3). SMW3 connects Perth to Singapore; ASE and TGA-IA are [...]

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SEA-ME-WE 3 Submarine Cable Suffers Break

By Sara K. Madden, Lightwave August 31, 2017 Vocus has confirmed a break in the South East Asia-Middle East-Western Europe 3 (Sea-Me-We 3) submarine cable between Perth and Singapore. The Sea-Me-We 3 submarine cable is currently down, and until the link is restored, customers can expect to experience increased latency to Asian destinations, Vocus says. [...]

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Flights In Pakistan Canceled Thanks To Submarine Cable Fault

By POST Online Media August 31, 2017 At least eight domestic and international flights at Islamabad’s Benazir Bhutto International Airport were cancelled due to countrywide internet disruptions caused by a submarine cable fault. Airport officials said that the reason behind the cancellation of flights was the slow internet caused by a fault in the India-Middle [...]

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Repairs To Vietnam’s Internet cables To Take Up To Four Weeks

By Bao Anh, VN Express August 29, 2017 The infamous Asia America Gateway was ruptured in two places, while the Intra Asia cable has also cracked just off Hong Kong. Vietnam's internet speed slowed to a snail's pace on Sunday after the three internet cable systems connecting the country with the rest of the world [...]

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