Hengtong Marine Successfully Completes Repeatered Cable Sea Trial

By Hengtong Marine Press Release May 12, 2017 Hengtong Port, Changshu, China - Hengtong Marine is pleased to announce the successful completion of three separate repeatered cable sea trials working in conjunction with Huawei Marine Networks (HMN) the supplier and integrator of the R1 and R2 repeaters and the power switching R2 Branching Unit (R2 PSBU) [...]

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Hengtong Marine Successfully Completes Unrepeatered Cable Sea Trial

By Hengtong Marine Press Release May 11, 2017 Hengtong Port, Changshu, China - Hengtong Marine is pleased to announce the completion of a successful un-repeatered cable plough burial sea trial in 500m water depth working in conjunction with SBSS and the CS Fu Hai as the selected Marine Installation Platform. The sea trial cables and [...]

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NEC Achieves 50Tb Over 10,000km Using C+L EDFA

By NEC Press Release May 12, 2017 Tokyo, Japan - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) today announced that it has demonstrated a transmission capacity of 50.9 terabits (Tb) per second on a single optical fiber, over a distance greater than 11,000km. This is the first time 50Tb have been achieved over 10,000km using C+L band erbium-doped [...]

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TE SubCom Introduces New Cable Line Monitoring System

By TE SubCom Press Release May 10, 2017 Eatontown, New Jersey – TE SubCom, a TE Connectivity Ltd. company and an industry pioneer in undersea communications technology, has announced the availability of eLMS (enhanced line monitoring system) its new customizable solution capable of providing continuous tracking of fault conditions and cable performance. Significant enhancements to [...]

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Infinera, Canalink Test Infinite Capacity Engine

By Infinera Press Release May 9, 2017 Sunnyvale, California – Infinera, a provider of Intelligent Transport Networks, announced a successful subsea field test with Canalink across its subsea cable. The test, conducted with the Infinera Infinite Capacity Engine (ICE4) and featuring Infinera’s fourth-generation photonic integrated circuit (PIC), demonstrated the capability to upgrade the cable capacity 13-fold. [...]

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TE SubCom Sets Record For Transmission Capacity

By TE SubCom Press Release Monday, March 27, 2017 EATONTOWN, N.J. - TE SubCom, a TE Connectivity Ltd. company and an industry pioneer in undersea communications technology, today announced that it has demonstrated a new transmission record of 70.4 Tb/s capacity over 7,600 km. The record transmission is made possible utilizing SubCom’s newly available C+L technology, [...]

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Commercial Submarine Systems Could Reduce Disaster Impact

By Frederik Tilmann, Bruce M. Howe, and Rhett Butler, via PreventionWeb Every minute counts in the business of tsunami early warning because tsunami waves often arrive less than 30 minutes after offshore earthquakes. Because most massive subduction zone quakes occur offshore, offshore observations are extremely valuable for quickly detecting and characterizing potential tsunamis. At the [...]

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Nokia, Facebook Trial Spectral Efficiency

by TA Staff, March 21, 2017 Nokia and Facebook have collaborated to do spectral efficiency test of their undersea fiber network and the results were very encouraging. During the field trials the team witnessed 2.5 times more capacity than the traditional optical transmission technology. Both the companies conducted this trial over a 5,500 km submarine [...]

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New Industry Group Forms Multi-Source Agreement for Shortwave WDM Optical Standards to Operate over Duplex Multimode Fiber, Simplifying Data Center Upgrades

Press Release New industry MSA publishes optical specifications defining 40 and 100 Gb/s transceivers for enterprise and cloud data center applications Sunnyvale, Calif. – March 16, 2017 – The SWDM MSA (Shortwave Wavelength Division Multiplexed Multi-Source Agreement) Group today announced its formation as an industry consortium to define optical specifications and promote adoption of shortwave [...]

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TE SubCom Commences Manufacturing of C+L Technology, Effectively Doubles Available Bandwidth per Fiber Pair

Press Release Lighting up additional wavelengths in the L-band, C+L repeater technology to be utilized in contracted system scheduled for 2018 activation EATONTOWN, N.J., January 11, 2017 – TE SubCom, a TE Connectivity Ltd. company and an industry pioneer in undersea communications technology, today announced that it has begun manufacturing of C+L optical transmission technology, [...]

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