SubTel Forum Announced 1st Annual Award Winners

By SubTel Forum

Congratulations to the winners of the 1st Annual Submarine Telecoms Forum Industry Awards:

  • The winner of the Innovation Award, awarded to the company or organization that has produced the best market innovation of the previous year, is presented to Ciena.
  • The winner of the Industry Achievement Award, awarded to an individual or company that has done the most for the industry, is presented to John Hibbard.
  • The Editor’s Award, awarded to author of the best SubTel Forum article and personally selected by the Editor of Submarine Telecoms Forum, is presented to Morgan Heim for her article “Telegraphing a Tsunami” from STF #50.

The nominees for the SubTel Forum Awards were submitted by our readers and the winners chosen by the SubTel Forum staff.  Winners will receive a framed plaque as well as the use of a special logo.

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