Huawei Marine and Tropical Science Commences Construction of the PEACE Cable

By Huawei Marine Press Release November 6, 2017 Tianjin, China - Huawei Marine today announced it has commenced work on Desk Study and Marine Survey works in conjunction with key investor Tropic Science Co., Ltd. (Tropical Science) to construct the Pakistan East Africa Cable Express (PEACE) submarine cable, which connects South Asia with East Africa. [...]

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Seaborn Networks And IOX Cable Ltd To Provide First Route Between U.S. And India Via Brazil And South Africa

By Seaborn Netowrks Press Release November 6, 2017 Boston, Massachusetts and Mauritius - Seaborn Networks ("Seaborn") and IOX Cable Ltd ("IOX") announced today they have entered into a joint provisioning agreement to provide the first next-generation subsea fiber optic route between the U.S and India that will interconnect in South Africa and Brazil. This unique [...]

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Laying Of Southern Portion Of Hawaiki Cable Set To Start

By Sam Varghese, ITWire November 3, 2017 The laying of the Hawaiki cable system from Sydney and then across the Pacific Ocean is poised to get underway, with more than 6500km of undersea fibre-optic cable on board the TE Subcom cable ship Responder berthed in the harbour city. The 15000-km trans-Pacific cable will link Australia [...]

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TE SubCom To Deploy Submarine Cable Between Japan And The US

By Max Smolaks, DatacenterDynamics October 30, 2017 Submarine communications specialist TE SubCom is set to deploy a 14,000km cable system to link Japan, the US and the Philippines. The JUPITER project will rely on 400Gbps WDM transmission technology, delivering initial design capacity of 60Tbps. The project is funded by a consortium which includes NTT Com, [...]

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NTT Com To Construct JUPITER Cable Connecting Japan, U.S. and Philippines

By NTT Com Press Release October 30, 2017 TOKYO, JAPAN — NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com), the ICT solutions and international communications business within the NTT Group (TYO: 9432), announced today that as part of a consortium comprising SoftBank, Facebook, Amazon, PLDT and PCCW Global, it signed an agreement on 27 October to participate in [...]

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St Helena Signs MoU For South Atlantic Express, Set To Receive Cable By Early 2020

By Connect St Helena Press Release October 27, 2017 Saint Helena - Just two weeks after the first regular flight to the St Helena’s brand new airport has set an end to islanders’ physical isolation the end of St Helena’s digital isolation is in sight as well. Almost six years after the initiative to connect [...]

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Deep Blue Cable To Extend Its Subsea Network To Colombia And Panama

By Narayan Ammachchi, Nearshore Americas October 25, 2017 Deep Blue Cable has announced that it would extend its planned Caribbean subsea network to Colombia and Panama, changing its original plan to only roll out a high-speed broadband service in underserved Caribbean countries. The move is an apparent bid to grab a slice of the region’s wholesale telecoms market dominated by [...]

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Alcatel Submarine Networks And IOX Cable Ltd Announce IOX Cable System Contract In Force

By Alcatel Submarine Networks Press Release October 26, 2017 Paris, France - IOX Cable Ltd and Alcatel Submarine Networks have  commenced work for cable route survey for the IOX Cable System, which will span more than 8,850 kilometers. Arunachalam Kandasamy, Founder and CEO of IOX Cable Ltd said: “We at IOX are pleased to announce the [...]

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Quintillion Completes Installation

By Quintillion Subsea Press Release October 24, 2017 Crews aboard the Alcatel Submarine Networks C/V Ile de Batz installed the last segment of cable beneath the ocean floor, completing physical installation of the Alaska portion of the international Quintillion Subsea Cable System. The system is on schedule to be in service this December, enabling 21st [...]

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Crosslake Fibre To Build Cable Connecting Long Island To Wall, New Jersey

By Crosslake Fibre Press Release October 23, 2017 TORONTO, Ontario and BUFFALO, New York -  Crosslake Fibre announces today its plans to build a new submarine fibre-optic cable from Wall, New Jersey to Long Island, New York. The cable system will directly connect Wall, NJ and Long Island with a 95km high fibre count unrepeatered [...]

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