Finland And Norway To Connect With China Through Trans-Arctic Data Cable

By Eva Eriksen, October 19, 2017 Finland and Russia are discussing the creation of a trans-Arctic fiber-optic data cable that would connect Finland, Norway and Russia with Japan and China, the Independent Barents Observer reported. Finland’s Minister of Transport and Communications, Anne Berner, reportedly brought up the possible Arctic data link in a Tuesday [...]

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Crosslake Fibre Begins Marine Survey

By Crosslake Fiber Press Release October 18, 2017 TORONTO, Ontario and BUFFALO, New York  - Crosslake Fibre announces today that it has begun its underwater marine survey for its Lake Ontario submarine fibre-optic cable project.  The marine survey is a critical aspect of development for the new 60km cable being developed by Crosslake Fibre across [...]

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FP Telecommunications And Alcatel Submarine Networks To Strengthen Connectivity In North, Central And South America

By FP Telecommunications Press Release October 18, 2017 New York, US and Paris, France - FP Telecommunications (FPT) and Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN), part of Nokia, have signed a turn-key agreement for the deployment of AURORA Submarine Cable System. Supporting the increasing bandwidth demands for broadband applications in North, Central and South America countries, AURORA [...]

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CTR, Huawei Awarded Chile Southern Fibre Project

By Telecompaper October 17, 2017 Chile’s transport and telecommunications ministry MTT announced that local telecommunications operator Communication and Rural Telephony (CTR), in association with Huawei Marine, has been awarded the tender for the submarine section and one of three land-based sections of its USD 100 million 'Fibra Optica Austral' project to roll out nearly 4,000 [...]

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Tropic Science Co., Ltd. And China-ASEAN Information Harbor Co., Ltd. Announce PEACE Cable Project

By Tropic Science Co., Ltd. Press Release October 17, 2017 HANGZHOU, China - Tropic Science Co., Ltd. and China-ASEAN Information Harbor Co., Ltd. today announced the investment to PEACE submarine cable project. During the 3rd Asia Pacific Submarine Networks Forum, Tropic Science, China-ASEAN Information Harbor, China Construction Bank and Huawei Marine Networks signed an MOU for the [...]

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Greenlandic Cable Extension Will Hit Internet Services In Late October

By Telecompaper October 16, 2017 Engineering works connecting with the submarine cable extension from Nuuk to Aasiaat will cause some deterioration in internet services for customers south of Nuuk from approximately 23 October to 05 November, said Tele-Post Greenland. The web could slow down or become unstable. The new cable will be joined up with [...]

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Cameroon Anticipating SAIL Submarine Cable Link With Brazil

By James Barton, Developing Telecoms October 12, 2017 The ICT sector in Cameroon contributes only about 3.5% of GDP, which is low for the region. The sector requires considerable development for the country to make better use of the digital economy, according to Research & Markets. To this end the government has in train its [...]

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Hawaiki Cable Lands In Oregon

By Hawaiki Cable Press Release October 10, 2017 AUCKLAND, New Zealand and PACIFIC CITY, Oregon, USA - Hawaiki Submarine Cable LP is pleased to announce that the Hawaiki submarine cable system successfully landed in Pacific City, Oregon today at 10am local time. With more than 8,200-km of undersea fiber-optic cable on board, the TE SubCom [...]

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Installation Of Europe-LatAm Cable To Start In 2018

By Telecompaper October 9, 2017 The installation of the first direct submarine fibre optic cable between Europe and Latin America will begin by early 2018 from Sines in Portugal. The project, worth EUR 170 million, will have a term of execution of 24 months, reports Correio de Manha. During this period, about 10,000 kilometers of [...]

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American Samoa Bandwidth To Increase

By Radio New Zealand October 6, 2017 American Samoa's bandwidth capacity will increase to 200 gigabits next year, more than 150 times the current capacity in the territory. The American Samoa Telecommunications Authority and Hawaii Submarine Cable have signed an amendment to their agreement for the installation of a cable connecting American Samoa to the [...]

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