SubTel Forum to Manage SubOptic 2019

WASHINGTON, DC - February 1, 2017 -  A new manager and new approach is coming to the industry’s foremost conference. Submarine Telecoms Forum, Inc. (SubTel Forum) ­ – one of the premier news sources for the submarine fibre industry – is pleased to announce that it will manage the organization and staging of SubOptic 2019, [...]

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STF #92 Available Now

In This Issue Global Outlook: The Year That Almost Was by Kieran Clark Reviewing 2016 And Speculating About The Future by John Tibbles Protecting $10 Trillion Worth of Transactions, Every Day by Brian Lavallée SubOptic Insert A Cable Ship and a Rescue on the High Seas by James Herron Virginia Beach Is Now The Biggest [...]

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STF #91 Available Now

In This Issue: The Decline Of Third Party Upgraders By Kieran Clark The Next Wave Of Coherent Optical: Advanced Coherent Tools To Improve Capacity-Reach Performance Of Subsea Systems By Abhijit Chitambar And Scott Jackson PTC’17: Is Subsea Telecom In A Changing Reality? The Story Behind The First Reliable Trans-Atlantic Submarine Cable Laid 150 Years Ago [...]

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Submarine Cable Almanac Issue 20

Issue 20 of the Submarine Cable Almanac is available now. In this issue we removed 1 system, updated 73 systems and added 1 new system. If you’re interested in finding a specific system, or wish to see all systems in a region, simply type that name or region into the search function. We hope that you, [...]

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SubTel Forum Celebrates 15 Years in Publishing

By Press Release November 1, 2016 – Sterling, VA A Letter to Our Readers: This November marks the 15th anniversary of the formation and first publishing of the Submarine Telecoms Forum magazine. In his first Exordium 15 years ago, Wayne Nielsen envisioned “Submarine Telecoms Forum as being a platform for discourse on submarine telecom cable [...]

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2016 Industry Report Sets New Record

Press Release October 27, 2016 – Sterling, Virginia Two weeks ago SubTel Forum released the 2016 Submarine Telecoms Industry Report, the fifth edition of the publication. In the two weeks since release, the Report has been downloaded over 66,000 times, which shatters the previous record for downloads of any other publication over the same period. [...]

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Industry Report Available Now (CMigrator copy 2)

The fifth edition of SubTel Forum's Annual Industry Report is available now.The format of the annual Industry Report has been updated to include more. We've attempted to make a more encompassing view of the submarine fiber industry available to you, our readers. For the first time, we have produced this report entirely in house with [...]

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STF #90 Available Now

In This Issue: Offshore Energy Outlook By Kieran Clark Cost Effective Fiber Connectivity To New Oilfields By Anders Tysdal Integration And Visualization Of Well Fibre Optic Data By Digital Energy Journal Investors Do Not Believe Our Story By Digital Energy Journal John Pender: The Cable King By Stewart Ash Back Reflection By José Chesnoy [button [...]

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