Basslink Subsea Cable Out Until Late May

Basslink Subsea Cable Out Until Late May By Corinne Reichert, ZDNet April 10, 2018 Basslink has announced that its subsea cable will be down until late May, with the return-to-service date delayed from April 14 following third-party damage to the system. "We have repaired a high-pressure system within a piece of equipment at the Victorian [...]

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Basslink ‘Strongly Denies’ It Owes Tasmanian Government

Basslink 'strongly denies' it owes Tasmanian government compensation By Corinne Reichert, ZDNet March 22, 2018 Basslink has refuted claims by the Tasmanian government that it breached the Basslink Operations Agreement (BOA) contract it has with the state as the operator of a telecommunications and energy subsea cable, also denying that it is liable to the [...]

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Tasmanian Govt Could Sue Over 2015-16 Basslink Failure

Tasmanian Government Wants Compo Over 2015-16 Basslink Failure By Chris Duckett, ZDNet March 22, 2018 The Tasmanian government has threatened to take legal action against the operators of a Bass Strait electricity cable, Basslink, that failed and contributed to an energy crisis in the state. Energy Minister Guy Barnett said on Thursday the government believes [...]

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