During the past two years, Ryan has been a key force in establishing WIOCC as Africa’s carriers’ carrier – providing international and African carriers with reliable, affordable and diverse connectivity into, out of and within Africa.

International telecoms industry magazine Global Telecoms Business’ ’40 under 40’ list is compiled from nominations made by a broad cross-section of leading industry figures – including CEOs, CFOs and other senior executives of the world's major operators, telecom vendors and industry organisations.

Ryan was cited for possessing a ‘rare combination of technical and business expertise. His drive, energy and commercial acumen have been instrumental in taking WIOCC to its current position as a leading player in the African wholesale capacity market.’

Ryan’s achievements include implementing the first truly seamless, low-latency network between Africa and Europe – linking WIOCC’s strategic investments in EASSy (East African Submarine System), EIG (Europe India Gateway) and WACS (West Africa Cable System) – and managing the interconnection of WIOCC shareholder and partner networks to create the largest (over 50,000km) terrestrial fibre footprint in Africa.

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Nairobi-based WIOCC has firmly established itself as Africa’s carriers’ carrier, providing international and African telcos and internet service providers with unrivalled high-speed, resilient and diverse capacity into, within and out of Africa.

Operating exclusively as a wholesaler, WIOCC offers carriers affordable, reliable connectivity to over 400 locations across 20 southern and eastern African countries – utilising more than 50,000km of terrestrial fibre and 40,000km of submarine fibre-optic cable.

WIOCC's international network reach currently extends to 100 cities in 29 countries in Europe and more than 700 cities in 70 countries globally. WIOCC will further extend its reach to nine additional countries on Africa’s west coast when WACS goes live.

WIOCC owns 30% of the 10,000km EASSy (East African Submarine System) fibre-optic submarine cable, which has landing points in every coastal country from South Africa to Sudan – as well as landings in Madagascar and Comores. At 4.72 Terabits per second, EASSy represents two-thirds of all the international submarine cable inventory available to sub-Saharan Africa.

Through strategic investments in three major international submarine cables into Africa – EASSy, EIG and WACS – WIOCC is creating a unique, diversity-rich high-capacity ‘ring around Africa’, extending seamless regional and international services the length of Africa’s eastern and western seaboards and into Europe and North Africa.

An ‘east+west coast diversity’ proposition has been implemented to address customers’ immediate demands for improved resilience, and WIOCC continues to add diversity through strategic investments in new submarine cable systems.

WIOCC offers carriers a one-stop-shop solution that delivers seamless connectivity to Africa, within Africa and from Africa to the rest of the world. Its 24/7 Customer Service Desk provides end-to-end management of WIOCC services from customer site to customer site, and WIOCC customers can choose from a wide range of commercial terms.