Marine solutions leader Offshore Marine Management (OMM) announces the launch of a new survey and subsea business this week, to cater for a growing demand from clients worldwide for the full range of subsea cable services to be available from the one supplier.

The new business will focus on the three strategic areas of survey, cable and structural subsea inspection and subsea engineering.

Recently appointed Director of Survey and Subsea, Arron Burrows said this new business offers clients an all-inclusive “one stop shop” for cable solutions – with survey, inspection and final deliverables – and will mean an overall better service.

“Having these key services in-house sets OMM apart from our cable solutions competitors who tend to rely on subcontractors for this work,” Mr Burrows said.

“OMM is now well positioned to take advantage of a growing number of standalone opportunities in the offshore renewables, subsea telecoms and oil and gas industries.”

The new business offers data analysis and management using the latest hardware and software technology to support cable-related works both onshore and offshore. This includes a fully integrated state-of-the-art geographic information system (GIS) suite complete with digital video data integration for annual inspection data integrity and remedial activity monitoring.

“Thorough research and development combined with top subsea engineering skills will enable us to provide innovative solutions for clients’ operations, inspection, repair and maintenance requirements,” Mr Burrows said.

The engineering specialties includes design, modelling and build programmes for a new subsea operation and maintenance vehicle and innovative subsea tooling for cable protection and remedial activities.

The business is based at the company’s recently expanded Cambridge offices, which feature a dedicated engineering workshop and delivery suites, enabling the team to produce in-house the quality of final deliverables expected by clients.

OMM’s survey and subsea department currently has eight employees, most of whom are International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) and International Federation of Surveyors (FIG), Category A surveyors.

“We are also developing a pool of highly competent and experienced onshore and offshore survey and inspection personnel to ensure we set the industry benchmark.”

OMM’s survey and subsea assets business will exhibit for the first time next year at Oceanology International 2012 in London.