By Global Marine

Global Marine Systems has announced the completion of the Suriname Totness cable landing, an important milestone in the installation of the Suriname Guyana Submarine Cable System (SGSCS). The 1,127-kilometer SGSCS system is the first of its kind in this region and is expected to ultimately have the potential to increase current telecom bandwidth more than 3,000 times what is currently available in these areas.

SGSCS is a project which has been jointly undertaken by Telesur of Suriname & Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Co. Ltd. Once operational the network is expected to increase the stability of the existing communications infrastructure by adding redundancy to the current terrestrial network. The additional network bandwidth provided by the SGSCS system will allow for improved network capability and performance.

SGSCS is being installed by Global Marine Systems ( along with joint venture partner Huawei Marine Networks ( who is supplying the electronics and the RPT 1660 repeaters used throughout the system.

“The landing of the cable in Totness is an important milestone in making this system a reality. SGSCS is the culmination of years of planning and hard work from all parties involved.” said Dirk Currie, CEO of Telesur. “As we enter the final phases of installation, we want to recognize the role Global Marine has played in the management of this project, and very much look forward to continuing to work closely with them in the coming months as we bring the project to completion.

“Once operational, this system is expected to bring a significant increase in the quality of the local communications infrastructure, allowing for the continued expansion of leading edge communications services for the people, businesses and institutions of Suriname as well as Guyana and Trinidad, the other countries involved in the project.” said Ian Douglas, Managing Director of Telecoms for Global Marine Systems. “We at Global Marine are pleased to be working with Telesur of Suriname & Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Co. to install this important network.”

About Global Marine Systems:

Global Marine Systems, an independent marine engineering company, has been in business for well over 150 years. Operating the world's largest fleet of cable ships and subsea vehicles, it is a market leader in marine cable installation and maintenance for telecommunications; subsea cable maintenance, installation and related services as well as offshore power; cable installation and maintenance for renewable energy and subsea inter-connects; oil and gas life of field services. We are headquartered in the United Kingdom, with resources throughout Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas.