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The development of the programme for this event has now taken a significant step forward with the Programme and Papers Committee being formed.

The Programme Chair, Alice Shelton from Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks, will be assisted by:

Elaine Stafford, David Ross Group

Carl Osborne, TATA Communications

Maja Summers, Apollo SCS

Keith Schofield, Pioneer Consulting

Mahesh Jaishankar, du


If you have an idea that you think could form the basis of  a tutorial/masterclass or any other presentation, round table or workshop, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Alice Shelton.

The Papers Chair, Mark Andre from Orange will be assisted by six Vice-Chairs, each responsible for one of the six topic areas chosen for this event as follows:

Market & Project Trends & Challenges – Mohamed Nasr, Telecom Egypt Marine Services and Operations – Graham Evans, EGS Network Architecture and System Design – Peter Booi, Verizon Equipment and Component Technologies – Edwin Muth, TE Subcom Network Operations and Carrier Services – Stephen Dawe, Vodafone

Oil & Gas and Special Markets – Guillaume Huchet, Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks


To complete their activity the Papers Committee will need 50-70 reviewers who have the task of reviewing all Abstracts submitted by authors following the Call for Papers, which will be issued in June 2015 and then making recommendations on which of these should be presented as Oral and Poster Presentations for SubOptic 2016. These reviewers will be chosen with expertise in the particular topic area, from the broadest possible spread of organisations.  Only one reviewer from a company is allowed per topic area. If you would be willing to join any one of the Papers Review Committees above, please do get in touch with Mark Andre.

The latest information about our event can be obtained from our website:


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