By Huawei

Huawei Marine Networks Co., Ltd. (“Huawei Marine”) today announced that it signed a turnkey contract with PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk. (“PT Telkom”) for the “Mataram-Kupang” submarine cable system (“MKCS”). This system connects five islands off in the east of Indonesia and stretches about 1,200 km with an initial capacity of 4 × 10 Gbit/s. The project is scheduled to be completed at the end of 2010. As part of the “Palapa Rings” program launched by the Indonesian government, the MKCS project will connect the central and western backbone cable networks to drive Indonesia’s major islands onto the information highway. As well as providing conventional communications services for east Indonesian residents, the new system supports a wide range of broadband applications, such as high-speed video and 3G services. As Indonesia’s largest state-owned telecoms operator, PT Telkom plays a leading role in the local economy with its full line of integrated telecom services, spanning fixed-line, mobile, and bandwidth leasing. Ermady Dahlan, PT Telkom’s CTO, commented that: “Through its cutting edge technology and huge capacity unrepeatered solutions, Huawei Marine has significantly reduced the cost per bit of the system. This is largely why we selected Huawei Marine for the project.” He added, “We’re also deeply impressed by Huawei Marine’s rapid response and professional delivery capabilities. We believe that the cooperation with Huawei Marine will help us provide customers with better communications services and experiences.” Nigel Bayliff, Huawei Marine’s CEO, commented: “As one of the world’s fastest-growing regions in terms of communications demand, we’re proud to join Indonesia's key national submarine cable project. This reflects the customer’s recognition of our solid technologies and experience, and also our long-term commitment to the Indonesian market. Combined with the industry-leading Remote Optical Pump Amplifier and multi-order Raman Amplifier technologies, our unrepeatered solution considerably extends the transmission distance and increases the transmission capacity of submarine systems. The solution is ideal for a country with many islands, like Indonesia. We're confident that we’ll deliver a top-rank project that maximizes value for our customer.” Since its establishment in December 2008, Huawei Marine has won a number of TK and upgrade contracts. About PT Telkom PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (PT Telkom) is the largest full information and communications (InfoComm) service and network provider in Indonesia. Telkom provide fixed wirelines, fixed wireless, cellular as well as data & Internet and network interconnection services, both directly and through its associate companies and subsidiaries. For more information, please visit