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NEW YORK and BANGKOK, Thailand, Oct. 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — APTelecom, an award-winning telecom and fiber consulting company specializing in emerging markets, completed the latest in its series of ‘State of Subsea' expert events on October 2nd at the world-renowned ToT Academy in Bangkok, Thailand.

The event was the third in the ‘State of Subsea' expert event series that APTelecom, and marked the first time that a ‘State of Subsea' event was hosted outside of the United States. Co-hosted alongside exclusive ‘State of Subsea' partners Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC), Telecom Review North America, as well as SubTel Forum, ‘State of Subsea' Bangkok drew hundreds of people from over 30 countries that attended either in-person or via streaming video at the official ‘State of Subsea' website.

Similar to previous ‘State of Subsea' events, the Bangkok event brought together an eclectic mix of executives, influencers, and leaders from all walks of the submarine cable and telecom industry to address the latest trends, and share expert insights and knowledge on the future of the industry.  The event was emceed by Telecom Review North America Editor-in-Chief Jeff Seal, and was highlighted by special breakout panels with industry experts, moderated Q&A sessions, informational exchanges, roundtable discussions on emerging global economic market trends, and more.

Special guests included: Fabrizio Civitarese, President Asia Pacific, Global Cloud Xchange; Andy McLean, CEO, TransIndonesia Network; John Hibbard, CEO, Hibbard Consulting; Paul Blanche-Horgan, CEO, Ezecom; Artur Mendes, Commercial Director, Angola Cables; Sam Johnston, Director of Cloud and IT Services, Equinix; Dominic Arena, AEC Advisory; and others.

“We were thrilled to participate in the first ‘State of Subsea' event in Asia,” said Andy McLean, CEO of TransIndonesia Network and guest speaker at ‘State of Subsea' Bangkok. “The insights, knowledge and connections that we were able to gain as a result of the event have given us an inside track into the submarine cable community on a global scale that simply only the ‘State of Subsea' can provide.”

Additionally, a $2,500 USD check was presented on behalf of APTelecom and ‘State of Subsea' to Friends- International, whose mission is to save lives and build futures of the most marginalized children and young people across Southeast Asia.

“On behalf of Friends-International we'd like to thank APTelecom, their partners, and all of those who participated in ‘State of Subsea' Bangkok for their generosity,” said Tim Tempany, Technical Advisor at Friends-International. “This donation will provide many marginalized young people in Bangkok with access to services and opportunities that will bring them back into society and enable them to live functional and productive lives.”

Those who were not able to join in person are invited to view an archived video broadcast of the event via streaming video at APTelecom's official YouTube channel. The official photo album of the event can be viewed at APTelecom's Facebook page, and the full agenda and presentation from ‘State of Subsea' Bangkok is available for download at the ‘State of Subsea' website.

For more information on APTelecom please visit their newly launched website at, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

ABOUT APTELECOM: APTelecom is a leading telecom and fiber consulting company specializing in emerging markets. APTelecom combines superior customer service, cost-competitive telecom products, and deep experience across a wide range of sectors in the submarine cable and fiber industry to help clients achieve intelligent, sustainable growth.  Among the company's core offerings are submarine cable pre-sales, established system sales, due diligence telecom consulting, cloud-based solutions and security, and strategic fiber consulting services.

APTelecom has been named the “Sales Team of the Year” by the Customer Sales and Service Awards, and also captured the “Fastest Growing Companies” Best in Biz EMEA Silver Award.  The company has been sought after for commentary on emerging market trends and been featured in dozens of media outlets, including TechTalk, Wall Street Journal, Fox Business Network, Reuters, Yahoo News, Fierce Telecom, SubTel Forum, and Commsday International, among others.

APTelecom is a member of TRACE International, and is FCPA compliant and certified.

* APTelecom's ‘State of Subsea' is a 501(c) organization (501c), a tax-exempt nonprofit organization based in the United States, and is covered under United States Internal Revenue Code (26 U.S.C. § 501(c)).

ABOUT FRIENDS-INTERNATIONAL Established in 1994, Friends-International is a leading social enterprise delivering innovative programs across South East Asia that save lives and build futures of over 30,000 marginalized children and young people each year. Working primarily on the streets and in slum communities, Friends-International's programs are focused on protecting children and young people from abuse, providing them with essential services such as food, shelter, and healthcare, and then supporting them to receive an education, vocational training, or employment. Friends-International also works collaboratively with families, businesses, civil society organizations, and governments in supporting these vulnerable children and young people to sustainably reintegrate into society and to live functional and productive lives.

Friends-International has been named as a ‘Top 100 NGO in the World' by The Global Journal, and is a recipient of the Schwab Foundation Award for Social Entrepreneurship, and the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship. This recognition is reflective of Friends-International's status as a global leader in child protection and sustainable community development.

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