By SubTel Forum Press Release

Thursday, October 17, 2013

SubTel Forum brings another first of its kind product to the submarine cable industry: live video streaming of conference events.

Building of off the success of STF Today, SubTel Forum has raised the bar on video news coverage of conferences and events in the submarine cable industry.  The new service offers a live video stream of events and will allow the SubTel Forum readership to participate, while not necessarily being at the event itself.  As well as just watching the event, viewers have the opportunity to post comments, share reactions, and even ask questions directly to the speakers or organizers of the event.

On October 1, SubTel Forum accomplished their first live stream of an event at the kick off of the APTelecom State of Subsea Global Event Series.  The meeting was physically attended by roughly 35 industry leaders in New York City, while the live streaming added an additional 95 total viewers, from roughly 20 countries.

Vice President, Kristian Nielsen said that “We are very pleased with the viewership numbers.  For our first ever stream of an event, roughly three times the in-person audience is an excellent start.  As our readership gets more comfortable with this new approach to coverage, that number will grow exponentially.”

Be sure to follow the SubTel Forum uStream and YouTube channels for updates and new coverage.