By Hibernia Atlantic

Hibernia Atlantic, the only diverse transAtlantic high bandwidth connectivity provider, announces today that the company has experienced an increase in global financial firms and exchanges utilizing Hibernia’s Global Financial Network (GFN) for transAtlantic low latency connectivity.  Engineered for ‘security through diversity' specifically for financial organizations such as banks, exchanges, trading houses, and market data providers, the GFN connects key financial cities with its short, direct routes. Firms such as ACTIV Financial, and members of the Toronto Stock Exchange, TSX Venture Exchange and the Montreal Exchangeutilize the GFN's diverse routes for secure access to global markets.

Built upon Hibernia Atlantic's 24,000 kilometer fiber optic transAtlantic cable, the GFN offers ultra low latency interconnectivity between major financial hubs including Chicago, Dublin, Frankfurt, London, Newark, New York, Paris, Slough, and Toronto. Designed for high performance, the GFN also offers diverse, reliable high capacity routes for firms seeking to gain competitive advantages in this highly competitive market.

The surge in GFN activity is in direct response to the rising demand from financial organizations and traders for low latency connectivity to their execution venues and Exchanges.  Along with direct, low latency connections and 5-day guaranteed turn-ups, the GFN also offers diverse, alternative routes that bypass existing congested waterways and back-hauls for truly secure connectivity.

“Hibernia is constantly pushing the envelope to explore, develop and deploy the latest networking technologies for our Global Financial Network,” states Eric Gutshall, EVP of Sales and Marketing of Hibernia Atlantic.  “From low latencies, fast turn-ups and diverse routing, our team understands the need for securing every advantage possible for our financial customers. With network innovation, we are helping firms communicate and trade more efficiently.”

This news comes on the heels of Hibernia GFN’s recent announcement that it will build Project Express, the lowest latency transatlantic connection from New York to London with sub 60 ms speed. This new build will be completed in the summer of 2012; a map of the build is here:

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