Cable Faults

March 16

Basslink Still Unsure Where Cable Fault is, Facing ‘Phenomenal’ Repair Costs

Basslink is still unsure where the cable fault is on its submarine power and telecommunications cable. Costs for the repairs are upwards of $100,000 per day for the vessel alone, according to Basslink chief executive Malcolm Eccles. The cable is now not expected to be fully repaired until May, heavily impacting telecommunications services for Basslink customers. Read story…

Future Systems

March 16

Google Selects Padtec Turnkey Submarine Solution for Connecting Rio de Janeiro and Santos

Google has selected Padtec to provide the new Junior submarine cable system on a turnkey basis. This new system will connect Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo, and is part of Google's larger effort to improve its connectivity in the region. Read story…

March 17

Submarine Cable Work (Tasman Global Access) Begins at Raglan

Installation for Tasman Global Access will begin at the end of this month at Raglan, New Zealand. The new system will be 2,300 kilometers long with two fiber pairs and a capacity of 20 Tbps. It will link New Zealand to Australia, and is expected to be ready for service by the end of 2016. Read story…

Regional Outlook

March 16

Germany-Finland Subsea Cable Tipped to Fuel European Datacentre Market Growth

The C-Lion1 submarine cable is expected to be available for companies to use during the second quarter of 2016. This cable is intended to fuel European data center growth. Read story…

Internexa Extends Telefonica Submarine Cable Access

Internexa has signed a new agreement with Telefonica. This agreement gives Internexa access to Telefonica's submarine cable systems including SAM-1, PCCS, and the future BRUSA submarine cable system. Read story…