By Lightwave

Tenerife Island Council (Cabildo Insular de Tenerife) in the Canary Islands has built a new metro fiber-optic network using the TM-Series and TG-Series platforms from Transmode, according to the packet optical transport systems vendor. The new fiber cable network connects all of the council's facilities and decentralized offices and provides connectivity to the D-Alix data center and international submarine cable landing station.

The new multi-ring packet-transport network is the one of three upgrade projects the council has undertaken. It follows the deployment of Canalink international undersea cable and the creation of the D-Alix complex.

The network enables each of the council departments to connect to a high-speed LAN and run managed, differentiated services over a 40-wavength flexible optical network controlled by Transmode's Enlighten multi-layer management suite. Connectivity to the D-Alix hub in the south of the island provides access to international connections.

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