By Huawei

Huawei, a leader in providing next generation telecommunications network solutions, announced the successful completion of a 100G long-haul transmission field trial with Telefónica in Spain that covered a distance of more than 1000km. The high-speed 100G trial link spanned Valladolid to Zaragoza, a total transmission distance of 1022km, without electrical regeneration.

“It' s an honor to work with Telefònica in completing the 100G field trial successfully,” said Mr. Christian Chua, President of Huawei' s Transport Network Product Line. “The 100G is the most advanced transport technology and is crucial to operators' continuous development and the construction of green ultra broadband networks. Huawei has consistently innovated to drive the progress of 100G standardization, focusing on customer requirements and continuous investment. The successful field trial with Telefònica truly demonstrates Huawei' s industry-leading R&D capabilities and innovative approach to 100G technology. Huawei will continue to collaborate with leading global operators like Telefònica to further advance 100G technology and help the industry meet the future broadband needs of consumers worldwide.”

The field trial in Spain was based on Huawei' s OSN 6800 WDM/OTN transport platform with the transponder inserted in subracks. The fiber type used was standard G.652, and single lambda rate is up to 112Gbps. The link passed through 20 spans with the concatenation of 10 sets of ROADM, 33 EDFA amplifiers and 2 sets of MUX/DEMUX. Arbitrary mixed 10G/40G/100G transports with 50Hz channel spacing were also achieved. A smooth upgrade from 10G to 40G/100G was supported without interfering with the existing network, thereby protecting the operator' s original investment.

As a leading transport network solutions provider, Huawei has worked with operators in more than 100 countries around the world. Huawei launched the first series of next generation WDM/OTN products, which integrated OTN switching, ROADM, ASON/GMPLS, and 40G/100G advanced technologies. According to OVUM-RHK, an international market research group, in its H1 2009 report, Huawei was ranked first in the WDM/OTN market, with the largest market share.