By PR Newswire Press Release

CHICAGO and ABINGDON, England — Global Capacity (OTC:CGSY) (BULLETIN BOARD: CGSY) , the world's leading telecom information and logistics company, and XOU Solutions, a provider of asset management and network inventory software to Telecoms Managed Services Providers, outsourcers and consultants, today announced that they have entered into a memorandum of understanding. This cooperative framework enables Global Capacity and XOU Solutions to combine their unique software, systems and tools to provide comprehensive network optimization and inventory solutions for their clients.

Global Capacity leverages a unique global information base of telecom supply, tariff, and pricing data, coupled with robust systems and automated tools, to identify and implement opportunities to financially and physically optimize client networks. XOU Solutions provides Network Inventory Management and Asset Discovery software that audits client data networks, creating an authoritative inventory of network hardware, PABX switches and LAN assets, and enabling more efficient management of network and IT assets and their associated maintenance costs. In combination, these solutions enable clients to create a comprehensive cost reduction and revenue enhancement program for their global network infrastructure and managed services portfolios.

“This agreement enables Global Capacity and XOU Solutions to address the most compelling issue facing our customers across the globe – how to reduce cost and improve margins,” said Patrick Shutt, Global Capacity's Chief Executive Officer. “The complementary solutions provided by Global Capacity and XOU Solutions deliver a comprehensive cost reduction capability across network services and hardware, enabling clients to meet their near-term financial targets.”

Michael Keane, XOU Solutions Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, added, “We are delighted to partner with Global Capacity to expand the scope of the benefits we can provide to our customers. The combination of our capabilities enables us to offer, for the first time, cost and revenue solutions across the full spectrum, from circuit costs, through managed data assets and PABX switches, to the server and workstation environment. What our clients need today are real benefits in cash flow, as well as longer-term efficiency gains. This is what XOU and Global Capacity now deliver.”