In addition to the full programme of oral and poster presentations, Keynote Speakers, Roundtable debates and workshops, SubOptic 2013 offers as part of the registration fee, an extensive Masterclass Tutorial programme. This gives attendees the ability to hear experts talk about subject areas important to our industry.

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On Time Registration costs 1750 Euro plus VAT, which is currently set at 19.6% in France.

For SubOptic 2013 ten different classes have been prepared, six of which will be presented on Monday, April 22nd 2013, before the formal opening of the conference and four will be presented during the conference itself.

These Masterclasses cover:

  1. Areas of Marine Jurisdiction.
  2. Current SLTE and ADM Technologies.
  3. The Thin Route Environment.
  4. Reliability – Too important to leave to experts.
  5. Busting the myths of traffic growth.
  6. The Legal Detail.
  7. OTN and Mesh Networking
  8. Submarine Optical fibre and cable.
  9. Critical Infrastructure Awareness.
  10. Pirates, Poison and Politics.

Full details about these and the rest of our event can be obtained from the Preliminary Programme which is now available at  To keep up to date with information about SubOptic 2013, why not subscribe to receive E-Alerts by registering on our website.

Conference Theme

The theme for SubOptic 2013 is ‘From Ocean to Cloud’ which is intended to cover not only the traditional topics that our regular conference attendees look forward to, but also new areas such as the impact mobile data generated by the smart phones and tablets will have on our networks, to how to achieve value from your investment, operator and service delivery and much more.

About SubOptic

SubOptic is a non-profit, non-incorporated international organization, which is steered and sponsored by leading members of the telecommunications industry. Its activities are open to every level of the industry, including those who manufacture cable systems and their components to purchasers of cable networks, purchasers of system capacity, business analysts, regulators, financiers and investors. SubOptic 2013 will be the eighth in the series of conferences, the first