By PR Newswire

Optical Cable Corporation (Nasdaq GM: OCCF) (“OCC”) today announced that SMP Data Communications, also known as Superior Modular Products Incorporated and a wholly owned subsidiary of OCC, has been merged into OCC — creating one company named Optical Cable Corporation.

OCC acquired SMP Data Communications on May 30, 2008. The acquisition brought together a leading designer, innovator and manufacturer of fiber optic cable and an internationally respected innovator in copper and fiber optic connectivity products, enabling OCC to offer integrated fiber optic and copper data communications cabling and connectivity solutions to customers.

OCC has been consolidating product offerings of both companies since August 2009 and now offers its comprehensive line of fiber optic and copper datacom cabling, connectivity, and related accessories under one brand — Optical Cable Corporation, or simply OCC. The merger announced today is consistent with OCC's one-brand strategy, as well as OCC's continued integration of the functional teams of the two companies.

“OCC's acquisition of SMP Data Communications in 2008 brought together the products, innovation and technologies to meet the needs of our customers, and the transaction was a key step toward making our long-term strategic vision for OCC a reality,” said Neil Wilkin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Optical Cable Corporation.

“OCC, now under a single brand, is a one-stop provider of fiber optic and copper cabling and connectivity products to the enterprise market, offering an integrated suite of high quality cabling and connectivity solutions to our customers,” said Michael Newman, Vice President of International Sales and Global Marketing.

The merger of SMP Data Communications into Optical Cable Corporation was effective on October 31, 2009, by filings in the State of Delaware and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

About Optical Cable Corporation

Optical Cable Corporation is a leading manufacturer of a broad range of fiber optic and copper data communications cabling and connectivity solutions primarily for the enterprise market, offering an integrated suite of high quality, warranted products which operate as a system solution or seamlessly integrate with other providers' offerings. OCC's product offerings include designs for uses ranging from commercial, enterprise network, datacenter, residential and campus installations to customized products for specialty applications and harsh environments, including military, industrial, mining and broadcast applications. OCC products include fiber optic and copper cabling, fiber optic and copper connectors, specialty fiber optic and copper connectors, fiber optic and copper patch cords, racks, cabinets, datacom enclosures, patch panels, face plates, multi-media boxes, and other cable and connectivity management accessories, and are designed to meet the most demanding needs of end-users, delivering a high degree of reliability and outstanding performance characteristics.

OCC is internationally recognized for pioneering the design and production of fiber optic cables for the most demanding military field applications, as well as of fiber optic cables suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and creating a broad product offering built on the evolution of these fundamental technologies. OCC also is internationally recognized for its role in establishing copper connectivity data communications standards, through its innovative and patented technologies.

Founded in 1983, OCC is headquartered in Roanoke, Virginia with offices and manufacturing and warehouse facilities located both in Roanoke, Virginia and near Asheville, North Carolina. OCC primarily manufactures its high quality fiber optic cables at its ISO 9001:2008 registered and MIL-STD-790F certified facility located in Roanoke, Virginia and its high quality commercial connectivity products at its ISO 9001:2000 registered facility located near Asheville, North Carolina.