By Interoute Press Release

London - Interoute, owner operator of Europe's largest next-generation network, has announced the launch of Interoute Fast Trade, a high quality bandwidth service designed specifically for finance customers who require low latency and dedicated bandwidth. Interoute Fast Trade takes the fastest most direct route between the 24 countries in Europe, giving customers in the financial sector an edge over their competitors where speed of trades is a key factor.  Taking advantage ofInteroute's pan European fibre optic data network, Interoute Fast Trade guarantees round trip delay times, such as London to Frankfurt for as little as 10.8 milliseconds.

Financial trading is increasingly dependent on algorithmic trading or high frequency trading, where algorithms are automatically set to buy and sell if shares rise or drop to a certain price.  As even a fraction of a millisecond can have a significant impact on success, it is imperative that financial institutions have the fastest connection available. The Interoute Fast Trade service has already received orders from six major European banks.

The Fast Trade service runs over Interoute's network which covers nine Equinix exchanges* and 200 points of presence (PoPs), guaranteeing a high level of bandwidth and low latency in 24 countries. The purchased circuits provide bandwidth that is dedicated entirely to the customer and Interoute guarantees that these will not be re-routed at any point during the contract, to ensure that latency does not vary.

Matthew Finnie, CTO Interoute, commented: “For financial trading speed isn't the only thing, it's everything. The ability to shave a millisecond of time off the round trip delay can be the difference between losing or winning a deal. Interoute Fast Trade provides a guaranteed low level latency, making it an ideal solution for any financial business looking for fast reliable bandwidth.”

Interoute offers customers fully provisioned test circuits for any route to demonstrate and measure the round trip delay of the circuit before ordering. This provides the basis of its premium service level agreement (SLA) which allows the customer to cancel if the service level guarantee is breached during the contract term.