By NEC Press Release

Tokyo,  NEC Corporation announced today it has been awarded with BS25999-2 certification for Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS) through the British Standard Institution (BSI).

The BSI was first established in November 2007 and the scope of NEC's certification covers a wide range of its business areas, including infrastructure for domestic telecommunications carriers, computer related business, mobile terminal business and others.

NEC occupies an important role in providing basic infrastructure for society and businesses alike. In the event of an unforeseen disaster, such as a powerful earthquake or typhoon, terrorist attack or influenza pandemic, NEC is required to recover quickly and to continue providing the essential IT infrastructure that supports mission-critical banking, telecommunications, government systems and others.

As evidence of these efforts to meet the British Standard for BCP (business continuity plans), NEC obtained the BS25999-2 certification from BSI Management Systems Japan, a branch of the British Standard Institution. Looking forward, the NEC group will continue to enhance its range of BCP activity in order to maintain the integrity of its BSI certification.