By Chunghwa Telecom Press Release

The China-US Cable Network (CUCN) submarine cable experienced an outage at 1:35 AM on August 13. This undersea cable cut followed the multiple cable breakdowns yesterday offshore the southeastern part of Taiwan. The major impacts resulting from this cable fault are mainly on the outbound voice communications from Taiwan to mainland China and to USA. However, the outgoing traffic to these two destinations have been resumed to normal level after CHT set up backup routes by using Trans-Pacific Express (TPE) submarine cable and the north legs of APCN and APCN2 undersea cables to interconnect with other cable systems linking to Japan and USA. As to the impaired voice communications between Taiwan and South East Asia region caused by the multiple cable outages yesterday, most destinations are back to normal now except the Philippines.

The fault locations are very close to those of the massive submarine cable cuts occurred on Dec .26, 2006 off the coast of Pintung County due to strong earthquakes. Nevertheless, CHT managed to reduce the impacts of the communications breakdown to the least by adopting urgent measures such as using TPE cable and other unaffected cable segments as well as putting up alternative routes through its bilateral carrier partners. The circuits for enterprise communications are expected to be 90% up by this evening after getting emergency assistance from other foreign carrier operators.