Subsea Cable Cut: 35 Networks Restored, Full Restoration Of Cables To Gulp $8m

After undersea cable cuts disrupted internet access, 35 networks have been restored, with restoration costing $8 million across four cables.By Emma Okonji, Arise News
March 26, 2024

West Indian Ocean Cable Company (WIOCC), the parent company of Open Access Data Centres (OADC), and one of the companies with the largest capacity that is involved in the restoration of subsea cables that were damaged in the Atlantic Ocean penultimate week, on Monday, gave update on the level of restoration.

WIOCC’s CEO, Mr. Chris Wood, who gave the update via a virtual conference, said 35 networks across West African countries, Nigeria inclusive, have been restored to full capacity resilience, adding that it will take another four weeks to fully restore internet services to all network operators that are connected to the affected four submarine cables that came from Europe, with landing points along the West African coast.

According to him, it will cost a total of about $2 million to achieve full restoration to a single subsea cable, depending on the extent of the cut on the cable.

This brings it to a total of about $8 million to fix the affected four submarine cables that were affected by the cut.

Wood however said the owners of the affected cables would bear the cost of restoration of the individual subsea cables.

The affected cables include: MainOne Cable, West African Cable System (WACS), African Coast to Europe (ACE) submarine cable and SAT3 subsea cable systems. All four subsea cables came from Europe and they all have landing points at the coast of West African countries, including Nigeria.

Wood who ruled out the possibility of sabotage or any other factor that have been speculated to be the cause of the multiple cuts on the affected four submarine cables, said from the ongoing restoration exercise, he suspected that the cables were affected by heavy landslides from the coast of Cote d’Ivoire, where debris from landslides effect may have rolled down into the ocean to cause the damages. He however said ships have been deployed to the affected areas to carry out repairs on the affected cables, and that until the ships arrive in few days time to effect repairs and investigate the real cause of the submarine cable cuts, it would be difficult to ascertain the real cause of the multiple cuts on the affected submarine cables.

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