Ciena announced that Reliance Globalcom has selected its coherent optical 100G networking solutions to upgrade its FLAG Europe-Asia (FEA) submarine network. Based on Ciena’s OPn architecture, the 100G network will bring massive capacity increases to a route that connects Egypt and Jordan to satisfy customer demand for high-bandwidth services and applications – such as cloud computing, video conferencing, business continuity/disaster recovery, data center connectivity, and storage area networking, in addition to ever increasing Internet traffic – while using its existing fiber infrastructure to support growing bandwidth requirements.

  • The 100G network upgrade allows Reliance Globalcom to increase submarine bandwidth on this segment by 10 times, and enables the launch of 10GE and OTU-2 services. The upgrade also enables Reliance Globalcom to provide 100GbE for their end customers as required.
  • This deployment builds on a long-standing relationship between Ciena and Reliance Globalcom and its parent company Reliance Communications.  Earlier this year, the company announced it is using Ciena’s 100G solutions to power its European network. Last year, the companies announced two 40G deployments on the Reliance Globalcom network – one to support a 5,000 kilometer submarine link along two key routes connecting Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong, and the other to support a 6,400 kilometer ultra-long haul submarine link connecting the UK, Spain, Italy and Egypt.
  • Since May 2012, Ciena has won and deployed multiple Atlantic submarine upgrades, and won a majority of the recent submarine upgrade tenders in both Asia Pacific and Latin America, including with Latin American Nautilus, the Japan-U.S. Cable Network, the LION2 Consortium and Perseus Telecom. Also, in just over four short years, Ciena has successfully deployed coherent technology across 15 million kilometers of optical fiber, which is the equivalent of running an optical fiber to the moon and back twenty times.