By SubTel Forum

The Nigeria Compass today posted an article detailing the history of Nigerian telecommunications with the outside world.  Submarine cables offer the best prospect for the future, as noted below:

Perhaps, the most significant issues that will redefine telecommuincations in the country in the years ahead is the arrival of two undersea cables in the country. They are the Glo 1 and MainOne.  Glo 1 is 9,800km-long cable from UK through Mauritania, Morocco and 16 West African countries with dedicated extension to New York, was anchored at its Landing Station at Alpha Beach, Lekki, Lagos. The multi-million dollar undersea cable was fianaced solely by Nigeria’s national operator, Globacom.  Glo 1 cable is expected to deliver transmission capacity that will radically change Nigeria and Africa’s economic landscape by providing high speed internet services and make telecom services much faster, more reliable and cheaper for consumers.

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