By Press Release

The ACMA has recently granted a number of installation permits to SubPartners Pty Ltd.

The granted permits authorize the installation of:

  1. submarine cable APX-West, in the Perth Submarine Cable Protection Zone, issue in March 2014;
  2. a separate permit to lay APX-West beyond the boundary of the Perth Submarine Cable Protection Zone, in non-protection zone areas, issued in June 2014; and
  3. submarine cable APX-East, in the Southern Sydney Submarine Cable Protection Zone, granted in June 2014.

Installing submarine cables in protection zones helps mitigate the chance of cable damage. Certain activities are prohibited or restricted within these zones and significant penalties apply if damage occurs. There is no variation to either the Perth or the Southern Sydney Protection Zones as a result of these permits being issued.

Submarine cables, along with mobile 4G services and the National Broadband Network, are essential components of Australia's national communications infrastructure. Submarine cables carry the bulk of Australia's voice and data traffic linking Australia with other countries.