By AJC Press Release

Australia Japan Cable has signed as the International Capacity stream sponsor for CommsDay Summit 2009, scheduled to be held at Sydney's Swissotel on March 31 and April 1 2009.  AJC says it recently finalised testing on its Private Line Ethernet Product and together with its exceptional quality and reliability as a submarine cable capacity supplier can further provide tailored services and solutions across industry segments.

AJC's products are aggressively priced from Australia to Japan via Guam and have partnerships which offer capacity solutions extending into Asia, India and the USA, through ubiquitous one stop shop arrangements. To compliment this reach they have a number of upcoming product initiatives which will be released within the next 3-6 months, aimed at transforming them beyond a supplier of bandwidth capacity.

In a market where internet demand drives the lion's share of bandwidth capacity and the use of internet is becoming a necessity rather than a luxury, AJC have embraced the need to be agile and unconstrained in their ability to make decisions and deliver capacity quickly and economically.

Australia-Japan Cable is a submarine cable directly connecting Australia and Japan, via Guam.  The AJC network also provides access to the high capacity, high volume, low unit cost trans Pacific and intra Asia cables via Guam and Japan to enable onward connectivity.

In April 2008 the network was upgraded and equipped from its original 80Gbit/s to 240Gbit/s.  The current capability of AJC is over 1000Bit/s enabling further upgrades as required. The cable system provides diversity which assists traffic survivability in a dual event outage to any one ring system.

AJC offers a range of products allowing capacity users to apply to their individual network requirements. These range from Protected SDH, FlexProtect, Direct Wavelength Access and Ethernet.