The fourth edition of SubTel Forum’s Annual Industry Report is available now. This year's edition was co-authored with TeleGeography, with special thanks to TeleGeography’s Research Director, Alan Mauldin.

This year, we’ve updated the format of the annual Industry Report – we’ve attempted to make a more whole and encompassing view of the submarine fiber industry available to you, our readers.  Within this issue, you will find the analysis of data collected by the diligent analysts of SubTel Forum and TeleGeography, a collaboration that aims to detail both the supply and demand side of the industry, as well as the actual productivity and outlook of current and planned systems.

In this report, we have identified $8.6 Billion in new projects that are being actively pursued by their sponsors.  Of those, $4.6 Billion worth are executed contract-in-force, and $3.9 Billion of those new, contract-in-force systems are slated for 2016 alone.

While the looking glass is never one hundred percent clear, we feel that the next few years will be very busy for our niche industry.

In the coming months, we will strive to make available as much new data as possible in a timely and useful fashion – as we say, an informed industry, is a productive industry.

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