Wayne F. Nielsen
Wayne F. NielsenPublisher & President

Wayne Nielsen has over 30 years of telecoms publishing experience and has developed and managed several industry magazines. He possesses a postgraduate Master’s degree in International Relations, and Bachelor’s Degrees in Economics and Political Science from Central Michigan University. In 1991, he founded and published “Soundings,” a print magazine developed for then BT Marine. In 1998, he founded and published for SAIC the magazine, “Real Time,” the industry’s first electronic magazine. He then founded and published the online magazine, “Submarine Telecoms Forum,” in 2001. He has written several industry papers and articles over the years, and is the author of two published novels, Semblance of Balance (2002) and Snake Dancer’s Song (2004).

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Kristian F. Nielsen
Kristian F. NielsenVice President

Kristian Nielsen has over 12 years of publishing and management experience and has been working for Submarine Telecoms Forum since 2008 as Business Manager. In 2013, he was promoted to Vice President and is responsible for all SubTel Forum product roll-out, sales strategy, administration and management. Under his direction, Submarine Telecoms Forum’s readership has grown from less than 4,000 bi-monthly readers, to over 100,000 every month. He literally grew up in the business since his first ‘romp’ on a BTM cableship in Southampton at age 5. Professionally, he has supported various international telecoms projects with accounting administration, and is the originator of many of SubTel Forum’s current products and services.

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Kieran Clark
Kieran ClarkLead Analyst

Kieran Clark is the Lead Analyst for STF Analytics, a division of Submarine Telecoms Forum, Inc. He originally joined SubTel Forum in 2013 as a Broadcast Technician to provide support for live event video streaming. He has 8+ years of live production experience and has worked alongside some of the premier organizations in video web streaming. In 2014, Kieran was promoted to Analyst and is currently responsible for the research and maintenance that supports the STF Analytics Submarine Cable Database. In 2016, he was promoted to Lead Analyst and put in charge of the newly created STF Analytics. His analysis is featured in almost the entire array of SubTel Forum publications.

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Rebecca Spence
Rebecca SpenceResearch Analyst

Rebecca Spence joined the Submarine Telecoms Forum, Inc. team in October 2019 as a Research Analyst. She is responsible for supporting the Submarine Cable Map, Submarine Cable Database, and Market Sector Report with data collection, data validation and analysis. Using her extensive administrative skills, she will also support our social media, research, and marketing efforts. Rebecca’s analysis and research experience is drawn from her days in General Dynamics Information Technology’s Small Business sector where she maintained their Small Business Database and internal SharePoint portal.

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Terri Jones
Terri JonesSales Manager

For over 20 years, Terri Jones was in the business of buying… media that is. Terri was managing million dollar buys with a variety of advertising agencies, such as Media Reactions and Time Life, buying time on radio and television for client advertising. She first joined SubTel Forum in 2018 to support sales of the SubOptic 2019 Conference in New Orleans which was managed by STF Events. Since then, she has been responsible for sales in all of the SubTel Forum products and publications such as the Magazine, Submarine Cable Almanac, Cable Map and Industry Report.

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