Bulk Infrastructure Opens New Data Center Campus in Denmark

Bulk Infrastructure, opens its third data center campus, DK01 Campus, this time in Esbjerg, on the west coast of Denmark.Bulk Infrastructure Press Release
December 3, 2019

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – The leading provider of sustainable digital infrastructure in the Nordics, Bulk Infrastructure, opens its third data center campus, DK01 Campus, this time in Esbjerg, on the west coast of Denmark. Bulk owns an area of 50 000 sqm. that can initially scale to 20MW. Additional land and power are available for further expansion.

It took Bulk about six months to build an operational Data Center in Esbjerg, on the west coast of Denmark. Anchor customers have already installed equipment and the site is in the last test mode. DK01 campus now provides a unique opportunity to connect directly into high capacity subsea and terrestrial networks combined with flexible colocation and data center build solutions.

– Our data center Campus, DK01, in Esbjerg is the perfect place for us to enable a neutral traffic exchange point in Denmark. We have good relations in the Danish market as well as the international market who need a central location within the EU, says Jon Gravråk, CEO at Bulk Infrastructure AS

Bulk Infrastructure AS are builders and operators, and the company's goal is to deliver the most effective customer solutions faster than anyone else, either in their existing data center sites or in special-purpose new builds.

– Offering the shortest time to market requires an integrated approach that leverages both assets, experience and expertise. Building up a land bank since 2006 has provided us with access to strategic properties, and more importantly, deep insight into availability zones and hidden characteristics of land parcels such as power availability, neighbor plans and zoning processes, says Gravråk.

The company believes that the Esbjerg location will play a key role in providing ongoing connectivity to the data centers deployments within Denmark and the Nordics more broadly and that Esbjerg´s strategic position on the west coast of Denmark is ideal as the gateway for Northern Europe and the Nordics.

Esbjerg has several subsea fiber systems terminating within or nearby. These include Havfrue (US, Ireland, Norway, Denmark), Havhingsten (Ireland, Denmark), Cobra (The Netherlands, Denmark), Skagerrak 4 (Norway Denmark), DANICE (Iceland, Denmark). Combined with excellent terrestrial connectivity, this makes DK01Campus the main international entry point to the Nordics and enables Bulk DK01 Campus to be the natural internet exchange point.

– With multiple cable landings planned or already in place, and the landing of our new HAVFRUE trans-Atlantic cable system, this will bring both convergence of networks and associated capacity to Esbjerg, together with creating a natural gateway into Bulk´s vast Nordic sustainable and cost-efficient digital infrastructure, says Gravråk.

Bulk has data centers in Norway, and this is the first time the company establishes Data Center Campuses outside Norway.

Mayor of Esbjerg, Jesper Frost Rasmussen is happy to welcome Bulk to Denmark.

– Our goal is to become a digital hub and the arrival of the HAVFRUE cable makes it possible. Bulk Infrastructure has chosen a location in one of Esbjerg's industrial areas, Kjersing; the entire area is very suitable for data centers. The collaboration with Bulk Infrastructure has been intense and very constructive, and we are well equipped to service this type of company, says Mayor Frost Rasmussen
Karsten Rieder from Business Esbjerg is thrilled that Bulk enters the Danish Market and has chosen Esbjerg as a location.

– Our strategy of attracting this type of datacenter has been successful. This may well be the beginning of a new cluster, which will make Esbjerg Northern Europe's most important digital hub. There is no doubt that when a market leader such as Bulk chooses Esbjerg, it will lead to even more inquiries from companies that invest in digital infrastructure, says Rieder.

About Bulk:

Bulk Infrastructure is a leading provider of sustainable digital infrastructure in the Nordics. We are an industrial investor, developer and operator of industrial real estate, data centers, and dark fiber networks. We believe in the value creation opportunity of enabling our digital society to be fully sustainable. Our ambition is to be the go-to player for anyone that wants to leverage the Nordics for data processing requirements of the future, whether in Denmark, Sweden or Norway. We have a track record of delivering high quality and cost-effective customer solutions with short time to market. Hence our vision: Racing to bring sustainable infrastructure to a global audience.

Bulk Infrastructure was established in 2006 and the founder and employees still hold the majority share of the company. Our headquarter is in Oslo with operational teams and sites other places in the Nordics. We are organized in three business areas of Industrial Real Estate, Global Fiber Networks and Data Centers. We own strategic land parcels in several Nordic countries, we have developed multiple hundred thousand sqm of industrial buildings including data centers as well as thousands of km of subsea and terrestrial dark fiber networks. We have a customer portfolio ranging from specialized local players to global giants within their fields.