SubCom Reliance Completes Repair of Tonga Cable

SubCom Reliance Completes Successful Repair of Tonga Cable System SubCom Press Release February 15, 2019 EATONTOWN, N.J., USA – SubCom, the leading global partner for undersea data transport, today announced that its cable ship SubCom Reliance successfully completed the repair of two Tongan submarine cables. The Tonga Cable and the Tonga Domestic Cable were damaged [...]

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Tonga Has Cable Connection to Outside World Restored

Tonga Has Cable Connection to Outside World Restored By Chris Duckett, ZDNet February 3, 2019 Tonga's two-week period without a working subsea cable to Fiji has ended. The cable had originally fallen over on January 20, and a second fault was subsequently found; however, RadioNZ reported on Saturday that the connection to the main island [...]

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Tonga Telecommunications Could Be Down a Month

Tonga Communication Links Could Be down a Month By Dateline Pacific, Radio New Zealand January 25, 2019 The people of Tonga could be waiting up to a month for a full restoration of phone and internet services. There is currently a very limited service after several days with almost no links to the outside world [...]

Tele Greenland Finds Cable Break South of Sisimiut

Tele Greenland Finds Cable Break South of Sisimiut By Telecompaper January 23, 2019 Tele-Post Greenland said the submarine cable fault that has affected services north of Maniitsoq is a breach south of Sismiut. For now, traffic north of Maniitsoq is going via radio relay link. To free up capacity, the company has taken measures such [...]

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Tele Greenland Submarine Cable Fault North of Maniitsoq

Tele Greenland Says Submarine Cable Fault Hits Internet and Voice Telephony North of Maniitsoq By Telecompaper January 21, 2019 Tele-Post Greenland that a fault was discovered on 21 January on the submarine cable system, reducing internet speed in every town and village north of Maniitsoq and up to Kullorsuaq. In individual cases, voice telephony has [...]

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Tonga Fibre-optic Cable Outage Relieved by Satellite

Tonga Fibre-optic Cable Outage Relieved by Satellite Kacific Press Release January 21, 2019 Auckland, New Zealand – Since 8:30pm yesterday evening (Sunday 20th January) Tonga Cable has been suffering an outage in the submarine cable network that connects the island nation to the outside world, plunging the island nation into digital isolation. The outage is [...]

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Vietnam Internet Slow After Undersea Cable Rupture

Vietnam’s Internet Service to Slow Down After Undersea Cable Rupture By Nguyen Quy January 12, 2019 Internet connections in Vietnam are expected to drag for weeks as an international submarine internet cable undergoes repairs. The Intra Asia (IA) cable system connecting Vietnam to Hong Kong and other parts of Asia encountered a power failure Thursday [...]

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Tele Greenland Says Cable to Iceland Breaks

Tele Greenland Says Cable to Iceland Breaks, Repairs Could Take Weeks By Telecompaper December 28, 2017 Tele-Post Greenland said a break to a submarine cable is expected to hit internet speed for some time. The break happened at about 06:30 hrs on 28 December on the cable to Iceland, close to Qaqortoq. This has affected [...]

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SEA-ME-WE 3 Repairs in India Underway

Work Apace to Fix Ruptured Submarine Cable By The Hindu December 13, 2018 SEA-ME-WE 3 Connectivity likely to be restored today Relaying of cable along the 600-metre stretch between Kundannoor Junction and the bridge towards Aroor is in progress to bring back vital connectivity after piling for the flyover at the junction had ruptured the [...]

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Basslink Report Says Outage Cause Unknown

Basslink Independent Report Says Cable Outage Cause Unknown By Corinne Reichert, ZDNet December 3, 2018 Basslink has revealed that an independent report by Cable Consulting International (CCI) has found that the cause of the December 2015 outage is still "unknown", countering claims by Hydro Tasmania and the state of Tasmania. "Hydro Tasmania and the state [...]

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