Dare-1 Cable System Now In Service

Dare-1 Cable System Now In Service Djibouti Telecom Press Release March 30, 2021 A new submarine cable that connects Djibouti, Somalia and Kenya is now active after more than 5 years of work. 4,900 km long, it is equipped with the latest generation of optical fiber. The consortium behind the project brings together Djibouti Telecom, Somtel, [...]

Telxius Inks Deal With Interxion For Dunant

Telxius Inks Deal With Interxion For Dunant Telxius Selects Interxion: A Digital Realty Company To Enhance Connectivity Between the US and Paris with Dunant Telxious Press Release March 25, 2021 New 6,600 km cable is the first subsea cable since 2005 to connect the US and France, removing barriers to digital transformation posed by data [...]

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METISS Cable System Is Commissioned and In-Service

METISS Cable System Is Commissioned and In-Service Optical Fiber: Emtel Announces The Commissioning Of The METISS Submarine Cable By Le Mauricien March 22, 2021 The METISS submarine cable (MEltingpoT Indianoceanic Submarine System), which connects Mauritius, Reunion Island, Madagascar and South Africa by optical fiber, has been operational since March 8, 2021. Emtel, founding member of [...]

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RTI Inks Deal to connect JGA Branch to Legion Telecom Fibre Network

Japan Guam Australia Cable’s Sunshine Coast Branch Connects To Legion Telecom's Fibre Network To deliver high speed connectivity to Queensland RTI Press Release March 9, 2021 Singapore and Brisbane, Australia – LEGION TELECOM, together with RTI Connectivity Pte. Ltd. (RTI), today announced achievement of a major milestone connecting their local optic-fibre network directly with the [...]

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Dialog Axiata Commissions Maldives Sri Lanka Cable

Dialog Axiata Commissions Maldives Sri Lanka Cable February 24, 2021 Dialog Axiata PLC (“Dialog”), announced the commissioning of the Maldives Sri Lanka Cable system (MSC), enabling the delivery of high-speed broadband services. Dialog’s investment in the new high-speed submarine cable will trigger the single largest infusion of International Bandwidth between Sri Lanka and Maldives to [...]

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APNG 2 Submarine Cable Decommissioned

APNG 2 Submarine Cable Decommissioned Papua New Guinea's Link To The Outside Wrold, Through The Australia PNG-2 Submarine Cable Has Been Decommissioned After 16 Years Of Service By Maxine Kamus February 15, 2021 Papau New Guinea's Link to the outside world, through the Australia PNG-2 submarine cable has been decommissioned after 16 years of service. [...]

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Can Argentina’s Big Fiber Plans Live Up To Reality?

Can Argentina’s Big Fiber Plans Live Up To Reality? By Bnamericas February 5, 2021 The government of Argentine President Alberto Fernández has bold plans for the country’s national fiber network, known as Refefo, which went live over a decade ago. In an event promoted by 5G Americas last week, Juan Gnius, Argentina ICT planning and universalization director, called [...]

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Telxius Leads Transatlantic With Dunant, Marea in Service

Telxius Leads the Transatlantic Subsea Market With Dunant and Marea Fully in Service Telxius Press Release Jan 29, 2021 Telxius Announces that the new Dunant cable adds to MAREA for an unmatched transatlantic proposition, fully operation right now. The transatlantic network route is one of the busiest in the world and the Dunant cable is [...]

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Quintillion And GCI Announce Partnership

Quintillion and GCI announce partnership to bring improved services to Nome and Kotzebue Partnership and network upgrades will deliver 1 Gigabit internet speeds for the first time to Northwest Alaska consumer customers GCI Press Release ANCHORAGE, Alaska -  January 25, 2021 Today, GCI, Alaska's largest telecommunications provider, and Quintillion, the only telecommunications company providing fiber-optic [...]

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Orange Announces Dunant Cable Ready for Service

Orange Announces Dunant Ready for Service Orange reinforces its global connectivity and resilience on the most important submarine route in the world, with two new generation submarine cables connecting France to the United States. Orange Press Release January 19, 2021 After the landing of the Dunant cable, a Google project announced back in March 2020, [...]

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