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New Digital Highway Connects Europe and China via Finland and Russia

Helsinki, Finland – February 20, 2017 – Cinia Group, Finland-based provider of intelligent network, cloud, and software services, today announced an interconnection agreement with TTK, one of Russia’s largest communications providers. The result is the fastest and lowest latency data connection yet between European and Asian countries.

The new agreement connects Russia’s largest fiber-optic communication network with Cinia’s Northern Digital Highway, which provides the most direct connection from Central European network hubs to the Finnish-Russian border. The new route further increases the speed and reliability of TTK’s Eurasia Highway, connecting European and Asian countries.

Cinia’s Northern Digital Highway leverages the Cinia C-Lion1 submarine data cable, a direct route between Finland and Germany opened in 2016. The data cable provides a record-breaking capacity of 144 terabits per second (Tbps) and directly connects to key European network nodes such as DE-CIX Frankfurt, the largest Internet exchange point in the world.

“Increasingly networked businesses live on fast and reliable connectivity, and every new interconnection agreement makes the world one step smaller,” said Jaana Räty, Partnership Director, Cinia Group. “Asian-European connections are core to our strategy, and we are excited about the opportunity to introduce the fastest and most direct route yet in cooperation with TTK.”

“Company TTK provides telecommunication services between Russia and Europe to a number of domestic carriers as well as IP transit services between Europe and Asia to the carriers from Asia-Pacific, Middle Asia and Transcaucasian region. Interconnection between TTK and Cinia adds a brand new independent optical path and the lowest latency route to the center of Europe. This improves the attractiveness of TTK’s services, whereas Cinia Group gets the opportunity to use TTK’s well-known transit routes to Asia,” said Sergey Yakovlev, Head of Wholesale Department of TTK. “North-West region customers’ IP traffic has been rerouted to the new path which allowed to reduce the round-trip delay between Frankfurt-am-Main and Saint-Petersburg to 24 milliseconds – 40% less than on the previously used route.”

New interconnection allows TTK to diversify its current data transmission routes to Western Europe. Cinia’s aim is to expand its international long-haul optical transmission infrastructure to enable interconnected real-time business operations in Europe and Asia, and to enable data center operators to benefit from Nordic countries’ cool climate, strict privacy laws, and low energy pricing. Interconnection with TTK helps position Finland as the key gateway between the East and the West.

For further information, please contact:

Jaana Räty, Partnership Director, Cinia Group
Tel. +358 40 865 3312, email [email protected]

Vera Khiteeva, Head of Media Relations, TTK Company
Tel. +7 495 784-6670, email [email protected]

Agency Contact: Sallamaari Muhonen, Netprofile for Cinia Group
Tel. +358 40 572 5729, email [email protected]

TTK Company is one of the TOP-5 Russian telecommunications companies as well as principal backbone service providers to domestic, international carriers and biggest Russian corporations. The company is the leading provider of broadband Internet access, TV and telephony services to end-users all over Russia. TTK operates the largest fiber-optic backbone network in Russia, with a length of more than 76,000 km. The transcontinental TTK’s backbone network, known as EurasiaHighway, is interconnected with the communication networks of almost all the neighbouring countries, including China, Japan, Mongolia, North Korea, Finland, Transcaucasus, the Baltic and CIS states. EurasiaHighway is the optimal route between Europe and Asia.

Cinia Group makes the world smaller, smarter, and more secure with intelligent network, cloud, and software services. Strong expertise in mission-critical solution development is built on an uncompromised focus on robustness and reliability. Cyber security of ICT infrastructure is ensured by Cinia's advanced cloud based operating environment that meets the needs of most demanding organizations. Thousands of kilometers of owned fiber optic trunk network along with the Cinia C-Lion1 submarine cable provide the shortest and fastest data highway from Central European network hubs to Northern Europe, which is both an ideal data center environment and a natural gateway to Asian and Eastern European markets.
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