Coral Sea Cable Shunt Fault Repair Postponed Again

The planned outage on the Coral Sea Cable System between Port Moresby and Sydney is now deferred to October 2022.PNG Dataco Press Release
May 20, 2022

PNG DataCo Limited (DataCo) would like to advise of further changes to the planned outage on the Coral Sea Cable System (CS2) between Port Moresby and Sydney is scheduled for 22nd to 29th May 2022 is now deferred to October 2022. The confirmed dates for the outage will be notified when the arrangements are confirmed closer to the actual repair date.

For purposes of clarity, DataCo wishes to advise that the intermittent internet outage that occurred last week affect services on CS2 but was not a result of a CS2 system failure. The outage was due to faulty equipment and parts on equipment in DataCO nodes that was restored, and services stabilized on 15th of May 2022. DataCo wishes to apologies to the general public for this misunderstanding of our Public Notice of 15th May pertaining to the Intermittent Internet Outage.

While the deferral of the repair will allow all parties involved to undertake this task with minimal impact to users of services, the dere3rral also extends the existence of the shung fault and its associated risk of it escalating to affect service quality. DataCo and the Coral Sea Cable Company (CSCC) and their partners will continue to monitor this risk.

DataCo sincerely apologies for the inconveniences this deferral may have caused to the business house and general users in PNG.

Please do not hesitate to contact DataCo NOC on [email protected] and ph: +675 313 3900 or your Account Manager for any further clarification.

Authorized by

Paul Komboi, OBE

Chief Executive OFficer of PNG DataCo Limited