Editorial Policy

Submarine Telecoms Forum (SubTel Forum) is dedicated to upholding the highest editorial standards, as set by the American Society of Magazine Editors, in both our daily newsfeed and our publications. We strongly believe in maintaining the independence of our editorial content from any advertising influence.

Our primary commitment is to our readers, and we strive to foster a relationship built on trust. This is achieved by implementing clear policies that separate editorial content from the influence of advertising revenue.

As the gatekeeper of SubTel Forum's content, the Editor has the final say on all published material. We are devoted to uncovering the most engaging and relevant stories that not only captivate our readers but also support the mission of the magazine. We will not publish articles that are overtly advertorial in nature.

Submarine Telecoms Forum - Voice of the Industry

We encourage submissions of innovative essays, features, news, reviews, and other content that delves into the various aspects of subsea telecommunications. When submitting material for publication, authors must:

  1. Confirm that the material is original, their own work, and not subject to any legal restrictions for online publication (e.g., previous copyright ownership).
  2. Allow SubTel Forum to edit the work for clarity, presentation, and inclusion of appropriate hypermedia links within the content.
  3. Grant SubTel Forum permission to publish the work and make it accessible in the magazine's archives indefinitely after publication.

All articles must adhere to the Associated Press style guidelines. By maintaining our commitment to editorial integrity, we aim to provide our readers with high-quality content that informs, educates, and engages them in the world of subsea telecommunications.