By Networks Asia
July 20, 2017

To meet the rising demand for additional capacity and interconnection services, Equinix, Inc. has announced plans to invest US$42 million to expand its SY4 International Business Exchange (IBX) data centre.

An indicator of Equinix’s continuous investment into the market, the phase two expansion will host an additional 1,500 cabinets, bringing the total capacity to 3,000, with a total usable floor space of more than 12,500 square metres (130,000 square feet).

Opened in August 2016, SY4 is strategically located in Alexandria, four kilometres from Sydney’s central business district. The expansion will increase its current capacity of 1,500 cabinets to a total capacity of 3,000 cabinets.

With an investment of US$42 million, phase two of the SY4 expansion is the latest in a series of expansions across Asia-Pacific, with other recent expansions in Melbourne, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Across Equinix’s Australia data centres, there are over 725 companies, including over 155 Network Service Providers (NSPs) and more than 275 Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), providing customers with the most interconnected group of data centres in Australia.

Equinix’s Sydney campus is the only place where companies can set up direct links to the continent’s two largest Internet peering points, in addition to key submarine cable systems, including the Southern Cross Cable Head, the PIPE Pacific Cable, and the soon to be launched Hawaiki cable which will terminate in SY4.

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