Gold Data Building Cable to Connect Mexico & US

Gold Data, will install the first submarine cable that will connect in Mexico and the US through the Gulf of Mexico in 22 years.By Fernanda Murillo,
November 15, 2022

Gold Data,  telecommunications service provider,  announced that with an investment of more than 150 million dollars it will install the first submarine cable that will connect in Mexico after 22 years; This will connect the United States with our country  through the Gulf of Mexico .

This hybrid technology submarine system allows connecting two physical worlds, the terrestrial and the marine with an infrastructure that Gold Data is installing. The 3-year project has already started in 2022 and is expected to be completed in 2025.

“It will allow connecting Mexico with the United States faster and more efficiently and with high levels of quality,” Renato Tradardi, general director of Gold Data , commented in an interview for MILENIO .

For this connection, in addition to the submarine infrastructure, an underground terrestrial infrastructure is required that can connect the submarine system that arrives between Miami to the port of Veracruz and Cancun to Mexico City and Querétaro, important points in these moments of need for connectivity.

“This year, Gold Data built the underground road on the highway that connects CdMx with Querétaro, next year construction will begin between CdMx and Veracruz, ending in 2024, and so on,” added the manager.

With a capacity of more than 250 terabyts , large companies, both Mexican and international, will be able to access this service, which will allow them to connect faster and with better quality with the world.

“There are certain sectors of the industry or the economy that require these services, for example, the financial sector , which requires to be connected to the most important financial clouds, these clouds are normally at the ends of the coasts, where the entire sector bank needs to be connected”, explained Tradardi.

“This will generate that the financial sector has a participation in Gold Data One to connect to these traditional internet connectivity clouds that are in the large financial data centers,” he continued.

This project will not only be beneficial for large corporations, the end user will also be able to enjoy the benefits of this infrastructure, since they will be able to enjoy a better quality, a better browsing experience.

“The user will no longer have to wait a long time for their connectivity, this service will offer a speed 35 percent faster than that of the current market with a quality that will eliminate packet losses, it will make video, audio flow better “, he pointed.

“The navigation speed will be first world,” he added.

Despite the size of the project, it will not have an environmental impact on the Gulf of Mexico, since the cable will be buried in the sand, there will be no type of construction on the seabed.

Renato explained that the cable is placed in the sand at the bottom of the sea, “in the case of Mexico, the sea floor is sandy, they have a lot of sand and we do a soil study with a submarine and we look for the cable to be placed by burying it.” in the sand. It is placed by a sled that is dragged by a special installation boat”.

In addition to the fact that the oil wells found in that geographical position were not a problem since the cable route is not to the north where the wells are located in the case of the United States, “the wells are located in the middle of the Gulf”, said.

They commented that one of the great challenges of this project was the pandemic that went through the world and the different factors that affected the economy as a consequence, since from 2018 when the project was conceptualized to date, construction costs increased up to 50 percent. .

“Mexico has always had this great need for connection with its neighboring countries, including the United States, which is an important strategic partner in this international relationship, which is why this new investment comes to support this great relationship between these two countries,” he concluded. 

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