HMN Tech Launches 32FP Branching Unit

HMN Tech today launched the world's first 32 fiber pairs Branching Unit which meets the demand for Petabit-level capacity transmission.HMN Tech Press Release
September 8, 2022

Tianjin, China – HMN Tech today launched the world's first 32 fiber pairs Branching Unit (32FP BU) during the Submarine Networks World 2022 held in Singapore. The 32FP BU meets the demand for Petabit-level capacity transmission, promotes a technical revolution of flexible connection in the industry, and provides new opportunities for transcontinental systems.

Ultra-long-distance transcontinental communication systems require high flexibility and huge capacity, due to the increasing demand for bandwidth in the digital age. The 32FP BU is designed based on the titanium alloy housing developed by HMN Tech, which ensures a 100% increase in the number of fiber pairs. The product meets customers high flexibility requirements to provide multi-directional communication service for multiple countries along the routes in large capacity and long distance submarine cable system. This product supports multi-dimensional fiber switch function up to 16 fiber pairs. Diverse fiber switching modes in the product are simultaneously used with the Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer (ROADM) to realize real-time adjustment and flexible distribution of services. HMN Tech 32FP BU provides customer with several networking options and highly flexible configuration.

Furthermore, the product supports bi-polar power feeding design, significantly enhancing the flexibility of ultra-long-distance system in terms of power feeding. HMN Tech has achieved a technological breakthrough in the function of high-voltage hot power switching up to 18 kV, 20% more than the conventional level in the industry. It significantly enhances the safety and efficiency of the ultra-long-distance system operations and maintenance.

“Thank you all for attending the Submarine Networks World 2022 event to witness the launch of the HMN Tech 32FP BU. The product is the core part of the 32FP SDM solution products family. Therefore, it will lay a foundation to develop the next-generation flexible transmission for the submarine cable industry.” Ma Yanfeng, the Executive Vice President of HMN Tech reported that, “HMN Tech, the global leading supplier of transcontinental communication solutions, will continuously promote advances in industry technologies, provide high-quality products and solutions, and assist global customers in achieving their business goals.”