Indian Government Approves ILD License for SING Cable

The approval of the ILD License from the Department of Telecommunications is a major milestone for Datawave Networks Private Limited.Datawave Networks Press Release
August 2, 2021

The first open access submarine cable system to directly connect India to Singapore achieved a major milestone with the Indian Government’s approval of Datawave Networks’ International Long Distance Telecommunications License.
Announced in April 2020, SING is the only open access cable system directly connecting Mumbai and Chennai with Singapore. The cable system is also set to include branches to Thailand, Indonesia and Oman, where onward transit routes to Europe exist.
Mark Wickham, CEO of Datawave Networks explains, “The approval of our ILD License from the Department of Telecommunications is a major milestone for our Indian based subsidiary and landing party, Datawave Networks Private Limited, as this demonstrates that our open access approach to providing the first independent international connectivity to India is assured. The ILD license also paves the way for SING to finalize contracts and commence construction”.
Datawave Networks previously secured its 100% Foreign Direct Investment approval from the Government of India in early 2020, to allow inward investment for the construction of the SING Cable.
Datawave Networks has engaged leading investment bank Natixis as financial advisor. Natixis has significant experience in the submarine cable industry and is assisting the company in securing all required funding commitments and achieving financial close.
Datawave Networks is an independent provider of undersea fibre optic communications infrastructure. The SING Cable is a high capacity, high fibre count undersea cable system and the system design is currently being finalised to meet its partners and customers specific networks requirements before construction commences later this year.
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