May 2021 Where In The World Are Those Pesky Cable Ships?

Find out what the cable ship fleet around the world have been up to in our May Global Capcity Issue of SubTel Forum Magainze.

By Rebecca Spence
May 25, 2021

Welcome back to Where In The World Are Those Pesky Cableships! As noted back in March, the global fleet of vessels have been hard at work this year, as have several vessel repair companies.

After finishing the final EllaLink splice in the first quarter, the Ile de Sein went into the Damen Shiprepair Dunkirk location for some much-needed TLC. According to Damen the work will include removal of both rudders and propellers to renew both tailshafts along with various other tasks.


Figure 1 Ile de Sein entering Dunkirk, Photo by Nicolas Boulanger Courtesy LOUIS DREYFUS ARMATEURS.

Figure 2 C/S René Descartes Photo Courtesy Thomas Quehec





The C/S René Descartes also spent time in dry dock to receive a new coat of paint among other things, in South Korea. As of mid-April she is back in the water and back at work.







Figure 3 Arrived at Destination

Over the past 2 months, 44% of the daily entries reported no movement, and only one vessel remained stationary for the entire period. Figure 3 shows that there were 5 vessels still in transit, though all were scheduled to arrive at their subsequent destination within a week’s time.

The top 4 regions of activity have stayed the same this month compared to March, though the order shifted slightly putting East Asia in the lead at 16% as you can see in Figure 4. In March, China Coast, South East Asia, and East Asia all saw 10% of the overall activity with West Africa in the lead at 11%, and overall, the 4 regions saw an increase in the number of vessels recording their positions in the areas.

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