N0r5ke Fibre ExpandingN0r5ke Viking Cable Into A 2’200KM Dark Fiber Ring

N0r5ke Viking Fiber will expand its dark fiber network to create a 2’200 km ring from Bergen to Oslo and Trondheim.N0r5ke Fibre Social Media Announcement
September 8, 2022

We're happy to announce phase 2 of our digital infrastructure build-out in Norway:
Expand our N0r5ke Viking dark fiber network with a 900 km subsea cable between Bergen and Oslo, and a 500 km terrestrial fiber cable between Oslo and Trondheim – creating a 2’200 km dark fiber ring. Both new cables will contain min. 192 fibres.
Connect all international subsea fiber routes to/from Norway
Connect large established data centers in Norway
Facilitate green data center expansion in new regions where green power production is abundant and el. prices lowest in Europe
Significantly improve redundancy and availability of dark fiber in Norway
Redundant connectivity to main cities, connectivity hubs, cable landing sites and regions, providing easy accessibility for International customers
Desktop study and permitting done #digitalinfrastructure #fibernetwork #subseacables

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