NPF Reveals Investment in Coral Sea Internet Cable

The cost of the Coral Sea submarine cable will be met by both the Australian Government (two-third) and the SINPF (one-third).By Solomon Star
July 24, 2019

THE cost of the Coral Sea submarine cable will be met by both the Australian Government (two-third) and the National Provident Fund (SINPF) (one-third).

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare highlighted this during the recent launch of the commencement of cable laying ceremony in Honiara.

Sogavare said the funding will cover both the international and domestic networks including Taro in Choiseul, Munda in Western and Auki in Malaita.

He said the one-third contribution by SINPF means its members are also joint owners of the cable network project.

However, he said much appreciation is for the government and people of Australia for the bigger potion of funding and for assisting in putting in place mechanism to counter and minimise the risk that will come with the cable.

SINPF Board Vice Chairman Dr Aron Oritaemae said the fund is very excited of its investment in the cable project.

“The SINPF is very pleased and excited about its investment in the cable company, the Solomon Islands Submarine Cable Company (SISCC) Limited, to support the efforts of our government and the Australian Government,” he said.

He added SINPF recognises the importance of the infrastructure to the growth of the country and so in May 2017, the board made a decision to invest in this company because it was convinced at that the long-term projected investment return for its members.

“The board is fully aware of the positive ramifications that this investment will bring and the social and the economic benefits.

“The board has looked at other regional countries and is aware of the development that is happening in this country due to their capacity in terms of this infrastructure,” he added.

Dr Oritaemae said the Board is also aware of the new jobs that will be created and there will be increased economic activities that are good for the fund in both informal and formal sectors.

He said the SINPF total exposure to the Coral Sea cable network project is just under $270 million, comprising a direct equity investment of $116 million for its 49% shareholding in the SISCC company and indirectly through the purchase of $150 million long term development bonds.

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