Our Mission

“To provide a freely accessible forum for the illumination and education of professionals in industries connected with submarine optical fiber technologies and techniques.”

When Ted Breeze and I established our little magazine in 2001, our hope was to get enough interest to keep it going for a while. We were building on our previous successes of “Soundings” and “Real Time” from BT Marine and SAIC, respectively, and we realized that the industry that had sustained us was headed into a dark time; it would need a place to express itself like never before.

So, we kicked around a few ideas, talked with a few trusted industry friends, and took a BIG chance. And in November 2001, just after 9/11 and the start of our largest industry downturn, and with a budget consisting of the balance of a severance package from me and some “borrowed” software and pics from him, we published our first issue, which consisted of eight articles and seven complimentary advertisements. Both the initial authors and sponsors showed us a tremendous amount of faith.

We have always published SubTel Forum with two key founding principles always in mind, which annually I reaffirm to you, our readers:

1. That we will provide a wide range of ideas and issues;
2. That we will seek to incite, entertain and provoke in a positive manner.

So, here’s to you, our readers and supporters. Thank you for honoring us with your interest.

Wayne Nielsen