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Next Issue: September 17, 2018
Next Issue Theme: Offshore Energy

Purchase either a full-page ad or a two-page spread in the next issue of our bimonthly SubTel Forum Magazine.

This bimonthly trade journal is the premier publication for the submarine telecoms industry and is viewed over 73,000 times per issue. Each issue is built around a central theme, and covers that specific aspect of the submarine fiber market. Advertising in this report ensures that your brand is seen by everyone in and around the submarine telecoms industry.

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Advertisement Specifications

If you don’t want your advertisement to bleed, then please provide a margin of .25” all the way around. Margins are dictated by the printer and your advertisement will be rejected if text falls outside of the safe zone. If your advert includes bleeds, please include crop marks but NOT BLEED MARKS. Please provide the hyperlink where you would like your advertisement to direct readers. This enables us to make your advertisement live inside our digital products such as the magazine, almanac and industry report.

Please supply a high resolution PDF file.

Full Page Ad:
8.5 wide x 11 tall (inches)
21.59 wide x 27.94 tall (cm)

17 wide x 11 tall (inches)
43.18 wide x 27.94 tall (cm)

Text Margins:
.375″ (.925 cm) outside margins
1.25″ (3.175 cm) inside margins)

No text can cross the inside margins.

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