Project Koete: To Go Beyond!

Peter Bannister and Jerry KawajiriBy Peter Bannister and Jerry Kawajiri
January 19, 2020

Koete is a Japanese word that literally means “to go beyond”.

Perth on the west coast of Australia is the country’s gateway to Asia Pacific and the geographical location of Project Koete. The project concept and design not only address the qualified domestic needs of Australia but further provides a safe back up hub for global multinational corporations (MNCs) with mission critical data centric operations in Asia Pacific and Europe and USA.

Project Koete comprises the construction, operation and ongoing maintenance of a broad-based technology ecosystem that will span key customer segments, a wide range of solutions and applications and multiple global geographies.

The ecosystem will include three greenfield technology hubs, in Western Australia (WA) and the Northern Territories of Australia (NT), each housing a Tier 4 Data Centre for an initial combined capacity of up to 60MW.  The ecosystem will be paired with a dedicated greenfield subsea cable system that is designed and fit for purpose based on researched and validated global key customer segments operating in the Asia Pacific region.

Project Koete will provide an open, secure, carrier neutral, high capacity, high speed, low latency subsea cable system linking Perth in WA internationally via South East Asia and domestically to Darwin in NT.

The ecosystem will include non passive cable landing system (CLS) designed to include industry development requirements for multiple backhaul routes, provision by several different carriers, IP access, peering for cloud providers and high capacity internet.

The technology hubs will also house the key enabling infrastructure to support the validated requirements of key multinational customer business verticals and will also facilitate eHealth and eLearning and, by onshoring the subsea cable via branching units, support NBN and Mobile operators to provide contestable bandwidth north of Perth and deployment of new high speed data network and transmission capacity coupled with 4G/5G networks for floating and fixed oil & gas assets and fixed mining assets.

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