STF Analytics Global Capacity Pricing Report – Now Available

STF Analytics Global Capacity Pricing Report is now available and features 10G/100G Monthly Lease & IRU pricing for major subsea cable routesSubTel Forum Press Release
July 22, 2019

SubTel Forum is pleased to announce that the latest Report from STF Analytics is now available. In this report you will find a detailed analysis of 10G/100G Monthly Lease and 100G IRU capacity pricing, regional outlooks and benchmarking of routes around the world.

Capacity Routes:

  • Transatlantic
  • Transpacific
  • Americas
  • Intra-Asia
  • EMEA to Asia

What is “Benchmarking”?

STF Analytics has developed a Pricing Benchmark model to better determine and communicate the health of routes. This model considers cost and pricing factors to provide a quick reference score to easily understand the economic health of a particular route.

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