7 Questions with Rob Cash

Talking Network Trends with Parkburn Precision Handling Systems’ Operations Manager

As published in the September Issue of SubTel Forum Magazine

September 19, 2022

  1. What is Parkburn Precision Handling Systems’ mission?

To partner with our clients, to provide solutions based on Sound Engineering Principles that meet or exceed their requirements, with focus on Safety Needs, Productivity, Flexibility, Reliability and Lifecycle Cost.


  1. How does Parkburn Precision Handling Systems participate in the submarine cable market?

Parkburn designs and manufactures state of the art back deck handling, drives and controls equipment, for safe, reliable, efficient, and fully synchronized marine cable lay and repair operations.


  1. Is Parkburn Precision Handling Systems currently involved with any new submarine cable projects?

Within approximately the last 18 months, Parkburn has 5 x shipsets of deck equipment to its worldwide customer base, with an additional 2 x systems to be delivered by year end.


  1. What makes Parkburn Precision Handling Systems unique in the submarine system market?

Our depth of knowledge and experience in this market goes back to the development of the first linear cable engine in the late 1960’s. Then, in the mid to late 1990’s Parkburn developed and took to market all electric drive, digitally synchronized handling systems which greatly improved the reliability, performance and efficiency of cable operations all with exceptional control, especially when laying cable in shallow water / at low outboard tension.

The theme of invention and improvement has continued to the present day with the developed for market, Parkburn Self Fleeting Capstan Drum Engine (SFCDE).


  1. What are the elements of Parkburn Precision Handling Systems’ success?
    1. Listening to our clients
    2. Providing products that are robust and reliable for use in all offshore environments.


  1. As sustainability has become a hot button issue in our industry, what are Parkburn Precision Handling Systems’ plans for sustainable operations going forward?

Parkburn from early years has enthusiastically adopted AC drive technology to make systems perform with a higher level of precision, control and efficiency, including providing options to return excess system energy to the ships supply, reducing overall vessel power demands and so helping reduce emissions.  Biodegradable oils and lubricants are also now the base case for all our required support hydraulic circuits and moving parts.


  1. What is next for Parkburn Precision Handling Systems?

After several years in development Parkburn are completing the final detailed design of the industry’s first true SFCDE, that does not require any external or internal mechanical devices such as fleeting rings, knives or moving parts, to move the cable across the face of the cable drum surface. The technology is based on the patented capstan technology developed specifically for handling synthetic fibre rope at high tension. This technology is the traction device at the heart of the revolutionary MacGregor Fibretrac 150Te crane.

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